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Artist: Crooked I f/ Sally Anthony
Album:  Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist *
Song:   Been So Long
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* bonus track from the deluxe edition titled "More Pigface Weapon Waist"

[Intro: Crooked I]
It's been so long since
Hip-Hop spoke to the problems of the world
Somethin's goin on
It's like a conspiracy, to stop us

[Crooked I]
Yo, nobody knows what goes on inside of me
So this time I'm rhymin out of my diary
See I ain't scared of society and Bill O'Reilly
Get tyranny, could never silence or either quiet me
I'm watchin every step you make, every breath you take
I'm thinkin F you snakes
I'm focused on the future, I wonder 'bout my nephew's fate
Probably worse than FEMA's Katrina rescue rate
And I ain't talkin Crip or Blood when I say red-blue state
I mean Democrats and Repub's, best educate
yourself, cause the drama's real
And Fox News Corporation want Obama killed; keep it trill
Barack gettin hated on by right-wing extremists
You're hatin on yourself cause he's half-white you genius
You're damn right, and Glenn Beck you redneck asswipe
You're presently a dick and in your past life a penis!
I mean it, yeah

[Chorus: Sally Anthony]
And I know that something is going on
(Going on and on)
Cause we haven't spoken for so long
It's been so long

[Crooked I - over Chorus]
Somethin's goin on, yeah
I put it in a song
Been a long time
Since we did it like, this

[Crooked I]
Dear Mr. President it's time to cut your charm off
Reachin across the aisle to those who will cut your arm off
The topic of public options set the alarm off
Look at the town halls, that was they downfall
They was supposed to be discussin health insurance but they wasn't
They was cussin, "Hang that nigga by his brown balls!"
I heard 'em screamin, and I believe in freedom of speech
But I also believe in treason so what's the reason?
The people in Texas are stressin succession? Answer that question
The answer his complexion, it ain't perplexin (naw)
They never wanted to see a black man move America in the right direction
Stop the war and fight recession
I represent for my citizens who don't have a chance
Can't afford a dental plan or a ride in an ambulance
For my soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan
Hope you don't get tortured by the Taliban
Cause the waterboardin, is so important, man!

[Chorus] - begins over last line

[Crooked I - over Chorus]
Yo! Somethin's goin on!
Open your eyes!
Somethin's goin on
They don't want us talkin about the real
We haven't talked about it in so long
It's been a long time

[Sally] Can I ask you somethin?
[Crook] Chea..
[Sally] Have you changed or are you the same?
[Crook] Let me know {*echoes*}