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Artist: Crooked I
Album:  Apex Predator
Song:   Sumthin From Nuthin
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[Intro: Crooked I]
Yeah man
I remember back when a nigga ain't had no money for studio time barely
No muh'fuckin beats, we made our own beats and shit
No producers, we be like, hahaha, yeah
Nigga would do anything he had to do to get at this hip-hop shit man
Anything, know'msayin?
Start beatin on the mic like this, for the drum, y'know?
That's the mic, ha, yeah
Niggaz will rap about some shit they never even fuckin had
We wanted that shit though, we be like
"Ridin on some big wheels, bank account 6 mil'
Livin on the street called life, and I'm on that bitch hill"
Heh, even though we ain't had none of that shit man back then
But we do know though, let me get back at it

[Crooked I]
Hair trigger, big steel, quick kill, wig peeled
Rappin about the struggle so vivid you know the shit's real
Empty fridge, wasn't even 20 shared, simply kids
Not a penny to pitch, fuck it we pitchin Henny lids
To make the pockets bulge, can't divulge shit we did (heh)
Risky biz, type of shit that'll get me 50 bids
Comin of age, it wasn't a lick I wasn't down to HIT
I think I knew some Nigerians who used to counterfeit (yeah)
Funny money, I think I had like 30 pounds of it
But this is only rap so tell the detectives downtown to quit (yeah)
Gotta watch how I speak to the beat
Cause I'm on the streets as we speak and I won't sleep 'til we eat
G code of silence, all the secrets we keep
Could make a movie about it but nah, we gon' keep it discrete (tell 'em)
But I can rap about goin from Virgin to Death Row
to Em recognizin one of the best flows on the West Coast
And even though I'm blessed, the vest still on my chest close
You got the life of this +Black Star+ backwards like I was Def Mos (1-2-3!)
We really out here
Nah, we really out chyeah! OW! (CHYEAH!)
I'm in the zone nigga
I got a long way to go but I'd be lyin if I said we wasn't on nigga (WE ON!)

We on nigga, we on nigga (we on nigga) {*8X*}

[Outro: Crooked I]
Yeah, that's Crooked on the bassline
Crooked on the scratch, hahahaha
Makin somethin from nothin
It's what we used to do
Cause we was hungry
And we still are
Predator shit!