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Artist: Crooked I f/ Tech N9ne
Album:  Apex Predator
Song:   Let Me Get It
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[Intro: Crooked I]
Predator shit... PREDATOR!

[sample from the movie "Scarface"]
"You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be."
"You need people like me."

[Crooked I]
Let me get it
They let a Cali boy in Slaughterhouse, it's a wrap
.38 spec' shit, rounds in the strap
Tryna get off the last ounce in the trap
My O.G.'s in the 'llac bouncin to Zapp
That's our lifestyle, stunt hard, gun large
Pickin 'em up not givin a fuck about a gun charge
Zippin 'em up in a body bag, fuck niggaz mad
"Welcome to Our House", dead rappers in the front yard
I ain't Steve Nash, nobody get a pass
I found the nigga that made a top 50 hot MC list
and my Glock committed sodomy and shot him in the ass
Standin over his body I probably shoulda asked
why the greatest rappers gotta be somebody from the past
Compared to Slaughterhouse, a lot of niggaz trash
Followin a fad - what would I do if they follow the Slaughter?
They probably swallow this hollow and a mag
Tongue full of dung, it's shit talkin
Niggaz want me dead, fuck it I'm still walkin
Enemies in the club, fuck it I'm still parkin
the coupe, first put the roof on a milk carton
Walked in, they hand me the mic
Told baby girl, it gotta be tonight
My bed or yo' bed? Yeah I'm thinkin with both heads
You know great minds think alike!

[Chorus One: Crooked I]
What you got under that skirt? (let me get it)
Vodka, Henny and that purp' (let me get it)
Cribs, cars and net worth (let me get it)
Slaughterhouse gang - Tech N9ne go and get it

[Tech N9ne]
Lot of molly, an out-of-body experience
I'm feelin kind of Gotti and all of y'all into weird events
A party and probably jolly, counsel me when I'm inherent with the shotty
Ridin when I party it's Abu Dhabi
Who gonna pick it up, we gonna rip it up, and I'ma get up in my zone now
Fuckin the women, I'm up in her, winnin no money, I'm her bone pal
Pussy poundin, I'm pushin polygamy procedures
Packin and poppin pretty penis pockets, I please her
These I ease up, Techa Neez got the bees of
an evil deed, but I'm a G, never see us
With a telescope, nigga cause it's hella dope
I got so many worshippers with me I could sell a quote
I yell the most, I tell the goat
I'm gonna take it even if they hate it and fill the boat
Fellas, you tell us to gel up, we're gonna quell his hope
Embellish ya melon, fail to be real and develop rope de la throat
When I rhyme I'm conniving
Cause I bring live wickedness brightening your high beams
Frightening life like some lye in your Visine
Psyche swiped clean, high as the hygiene
Let me get it; pussy weed and liquor yo, let me hit it
I don't kick it if you be messy with it
Tecca Nina keepin K.C.M.O. up on the fitted
Any Slaughterhouse gang affiliation I'm fuckin with it!

[Chorus Two 2X: Crooked I]
What you got under that skirt? (let me get it)
Vodka, Henny and that purp' (let me get it)
Cribs, cars and net worth (let me get it)
Slaughterhouse gang - 'til the death we gon' get it

[Crooked I]
Wait (wait)
Nobody secondin what I be spittin, we misfits
Gonorrhea mixed with diarrhea, that sick shit
You fuckers wack, need them Puffy plaques, them big hits
Them R. Kelly "I'm so rich I piss on a bitch" hits
And bitches get the business
In a convertible eatin big dick while I'm parked like a picnic
Wrappin they big lips around my stick shift rockin French tips
Suckin me hollow after they swallow my kids
I'm askin

[Chorus Two]