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Artist: Crooked I
Album:  Apex Predator
Song:   Crowns
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[sample of "Never Change" by Jay-Z]
"This is crew love, move music or move drugs"
"This is crew love, move music or move drugs"
"This is crew love, move music or move drugs"
"Rival crews get your black suits up - I'll never change"

[Intro: Crooked I]
You either with us or against us man
COB boys, swear to God
It's different over here
Uhh, yeah
Turn this shit up man, woo!
That predator shit, turn it up

[Chorus: Crooked I]
Triple black Bentley, fuck nigga let me steer through
You can see the chunky ass grille in your rear view
Kings wear crowns nigga
Yeah kings wear crowns
Team beachfront, the sea water clear blue
Lil' Kim shit, got some +Queen Bitches+ here too
Kings wear crowns nigga
I said kings wear crowns

[Crooked I]
Crooked I you a pharoah, keep your eye on the sparrow
If she fly let me bone, I'll supply you with marrow
Met you in the club, I'm surprised you was there though
Minglin with the scrubs, vampires and weirdos
I valeted in front of the zombies and tricks
The paint on the coupe white as Abercrombie & Fitch
Tryin to find me a bitch - tryin to find me a mami
that remind me of origami, if mami bends and folds then mami's the shits
Fuckin her boobs, salami her tits, nuttin to prove
You hard with this dick, I nut and I move
Baby, I'm an apex predator
Half a million in cash in the bag and a bad credit score
The body's her temple, I need a better door
Couple of windows I work in on myself, that's the metaphor
Get the cheddar boy, I'm on a gold mine
Crooked had that diamond supply before the closed line
Reach for the rocky necklace, niggaz get clotheslined
But a real nigga get bad bitches with no shine
SSUTT SSUTT, C.O.B., you know who this is
SLAUGHTERHOUSE! You know what we do to pigs!

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Crooked I]
Remember this? Why you wanna... player hate on C, O, B?
Don't ask me who featured on my album
Well how come? Cause nigga I'M featured on my album!
Dominick Wickliffe, I'm a big business
I'ma click llamas if the drama get
hotter than a sauna, quick, pop a clip
Even if I gotta sit, opposite the snitch, an anonymous witness (word)
True hustlers ain't even sleepin in they dreams
Pushin Benzes since niggaz was puttin creases in they jeans
Had Jay-Z and Kels, blastin out of my 12's
"Best of Both Worlds", a giant amongst elves
Born dirt poor, I balled in my 20's
Though I'm in my 30's now; Cartier 30 thou'
I kill 'em gurney style walkin out of that Wells Fargo
In a Black Label Ralph, talkin that two-button charcoal
Hmm! MILFs scannin me like a barcode
Another queen on deck, let's see what the cards hold
Horoscope dope when Crooked I is in star mode
Strikin various poses - iced out son of Mary and Joseph
Dressed to kill like the terrorists wearin explosives
Beware of my focus, oh shit~!

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Outro: Crooked I]
Turn it up when you push to this
Light it up, roll kush to this
Yell "SSUTT SSUTT" and throw it up to this
You want lean, pour it up to this
Yeah, kings wear crowns (word)
I said kings wear crowns (word)
Uhh, uhh.. think they had enough Isaac