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Artist: Cristiles f/ Bobby
Album:  Sugar Rush (S)
Song:   Sugar Rush (Feat. Bobby)
Typed by: Infinite Management

[Intro: Cristiles]
Remember me? (Valentine)
I'm back
(Let's go, Let's go)
(yeah yeah yeah)
(yeah yeah yeah)
(yeah yeah yeah)

[Chorus: Bobby]
I like how she melt on me
somethin' like candy girl you taste so sweet
yeah you the sugar rush that I need
I'ma call you candy girl, 'cause you're my sweetness

I like how she melt on me
somethin' like candy girl you taste so sweet
yeah you the sugar rush that I need
I'ma call you candy girl, 'cause you're my sweetness

[Verse 1: Cristiles]
Damn, I don't understand
how you got me sayin' I don't got no other plans
kickin' it with you tonight, what you wanna do tonight?
I'm steppin' in the ring with you and I ain't finna lose the fight
call it confidence, 'cause of my accomplishments
fuckin' with a star got you hopin' that the condom rips
but your body is somethin' I gotta see
It can't hurt spittin' a verse featuring Bobby V
honestly, yeah they mad at it, tell em they can hate me
came a long way from producin' artists from Tracy
I'm movin' too fast? It's on you to pace me
ain't tryin' to finish last? It's on you to race me
clothes off, fuckin', bodies touchin' when you face me
the look on your face says I want you to taste me
damn look at that, nails diggin' in my back
pull it out, then she start beggin' me to put it back


[Verse 2: Cristiles]
I ain't tryin' to crash from this sugar rush
almost finished fast 'cause that's what your sugar does
grippin' on your ass, couldn't pass and that's sure enough
she nasty, she said daddy, come lick that sugar up
damn, get them haters mad girl
'cause I'm with you while them suckas stuck with that girl
and I'm done with them crazy hoes
said my voice got her wet when she heard it through the radio
and I love that, yeah she my fan too
hot enough to melt the ink off of my tattoos
bottoms up, said she wanna drink and smoke a bag too
said she like it rough and she want it from the back too
hella hot and sweaty, follow me to the bathroom
hit it in the shower now you finna need a nap soon
better than your last dude, time said it's past 2
and that's when she whispered, tell me what attracts you


[Bridge: Bobby]
I just wanna taste ya' flavors for the rest of my life/ (candy girl)
your'e my Hershey's Kisses, all my wishes, I love your lemon drops
and all I wanna do is you, girl you got me with a sweet tooth
taste my rainbow, you hot tamales, girl I promise
I'll be there for you


and just like that, I'm back on top (Valentine)
enough of this love shit

[Verse 3: Cristiles]
Who's lyrical? Impressin' me a miracle
enemies prayin' to God I got em feelin' spiritual
you gotta pick your battles wisely
watch your mouth before you judge me, 
you ain't seen the betrayal I seen
got mutual friends sittin' on fences
the amount of haters I got is tremendous
but the irony's endless,
I'm a million dollars away,
from being who they wanna be friends with
they let the songs fool 'em
rappers think 'cause I put it down for the ladies
that I couldn't chew a hole through 'em
puttin' work in a understatement
read my resume before you rap critics try to under rate me
I ain't got a choice,
I either make it or I die broke,
so this my doin' what I gotta voice
what you mean I don't got what it takes?
consider this song as me slappin' you in ya' face
you lil' faggots