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Artist: Cristiles
Album:  Pain Music (S)
Song:   Pain Music
Typed by: Infinite Management

Verse 1 (Cristiles):

I don't get enough credit
feelin' like I deserve atleast a million in this fuckin' debit
so I gotta keep grindin' 'till I get it all
until then I'ma loser, yeah I said it
in this game they'll use you to get famous
take what you can give then treat you nameless
that's insane shit, everyday the same shit
I'm high as fuck cuttin' off trucks everytime I lane switch
damn, where the creativity?
I'm a breath of fresh air, that's why they feelin' me
but the shit haters say yeah it stay killin' me
'cause they favorite rapper ain't never been as real as me
girls wanna hit me like Chris pop a pill with me
these same bitches used to never wanna chill with me
and you wonder why I'm rappin' so cocky
maybe 'cause these hoes head game is so sloppy
maybe 'cause no matter what they say they won't stop me
maybe 'cause they wanna kill me but won't pop me
maybe 'cause these cops hate me but won't lock me
maybe 'cause they comin' for my spot but they won't top me
yeah they gon' copy lyricial trendsetters
that's why other rappers make the worst friends ever
that's why all these factors will make us get better
that's why she on my mattress, 'cause she get wetter
that's why we on the atlas, Cali on the map
other states hate 'cause they can't relate to how we act
I'm on some other shit, rhymin' on another level
low wages make it hard to stay out the fuckin' ghetto
I'm broke as fuck can't afford to eat a fuckin' breakfast
don't test me this tech will leave you fuckin' breathless
runnin' from death but every step makes your feet hurt
so I'd rather kill him before he gets to me first
in the streets you a sucka if you start to bleed first
even the toughest is ashamed of that bloody t-shirt
this ain't a game, that's all that makes sense
when your city lacks loyalty its hard to make friends
when your treated like royalty at home don't mean your painless
dysfunctional or broke, it's the same mess
ass out fuck her 'till she pass out its the same sex
makes you wonder why you left your ex its the same stress
wonder why you left your old job, it's the same check
cold shoulders treat you like an ogre but this ain't Shrek
one thing I can't get, where my respect at?
been through it all you a fuck if you can't respect that
ain't bangin' shit you ain't gotta check that
call it what you want I ain't tellin' where I rest at
Mexican American I guess I can rep that
cold heart where the left side of my chest at
go hard swear to god make you confess that
I'm the next best bitch but you could've guessed that