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Artist: Cristiles f/ DB Tha General, Roach Gigz
Album:  Drugs Part 2 (Single)
Song:   Drugs Part 2
Typed by: Infinite Management

[Roach Gigz]
Wow, kids crazy these days
sellin' syrup, pills and weed eighths
up and down the street like, who need grapes?
I pull lil' bruh to the side like I need to holla
why don't you get a job make legit dollars
he said "fuck a job, that shit's bootsie"
"tryin' to be like you Roach, and get the groupies"
I kept tryin' to tell 'em, that the end was nearin'
but he was like fuck that, not tryin' to hear it
he want a nice car, and some new earings
he wanna be the flyest, if he sees what he likes he wanna buy it
so this is what he do

It take money to make money that's why I take money
most rappers is jokes that ain't funny
ain't hungry as I am so I'm comin' with that aggressiveness
'till I earn my respect for this and show that I'm the best at this
who would've thought the Mexican would have hoes obsessed with him
fantasizin' 'bout sexin' him, fuckin' him and undressin' him
speakin' on me you jealous then, if we was never friends
show up to your church, drag you out the booth you confess it in
teachin' you what the lesson is, grindin's what my obsession is
when I'm restin' in peace will be the next reason I rest again
until it's then, it's either that or dealin' drugs
before rap the only way to make a livin' was

[DB Tha General]
I get it out the trunk yeah I get it out the concrete
we pack it up and ship it up, that's a nine piece
I'm sellin' work right off the iPhone
and I could get you murked, right off the iPhone
in my zone, in my zone, a couple of stones
leave me alone, leave me alone
if you ain't 'bout gettin' money, you ain't 'bout gettin' money
I metal up then stack it up and laugh at you dummies
special delivery don't think nobody hearin' me
I'm rollin', I'm rollin'
I know you suckas fearin' me

Drug dealin' thinkin' out the box
lil' homie sellin' rocks

[Roach Gigz]
He ain't thinkin' 'bout the cops