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Artist: Crime Mob
Album:  Hated on Mostly
Song:   Rock Yo Hips
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Lil Jay on the track nigga
And you already know
It's ya boy Lil scrappy
Fin' to have the whole motherfuckin world rockin in this bitch
Shake it shawty, check it out

[Chorus: Crime Mob]
I like it when she rock, her hips, then wave, and sip
She rock, her hips, then wave, and sip
She rock, her hips, she rock, her hips
She rock, her hips, then Wave, and sip

[Verse One: Lil Jay]
Hey look at them hips (look at them hips)
I like how she rock it (she rock it)
She bend that thing over and to the ground she be droppin
And pop it hard as she can (okay)
Got me hard in the pants, because she all in her stance
Doin her motherfuckin dance man (AY!)
Look, lil' buddy cute in the face
She rock her hips to the bass, she take a sip then she wave
And wanna get wit Lil Jay, after she dance on that pole
I pull my cash so quick and fast when that ass hit the flo'

[Verse Two: female #1]
Now I got thirty-two flavors of that bootylicious bubblegum
Raspberry, grape cherry, come and get this honeybun
Yummy-yum baby, not your ordinary lady
Known to drive a nigga crazy, Willy Wonka wanna pay me
On the daily, off the hizzle, rock my hizzle, shake my Skittles
Soda poppin, watch it sizzle, man this shit right here the shizzle
Smokin on the highest drizzle, wanna taste it just a little
Rock my hips and make it wiggle, wavin sippin in this bizzle

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Verse Three]
I like it
when she show me she can rock'n'roll it, drop it to the flo'
Boucin slow, shorty's all pro, that's the way to go
Jello booty ooh-wee, got a nigga glacin every time that ass react
"I tawt I taw a puddy cat," gimme gimme gimme dat
Fat cat, don't act on a pimp
You got me enticed by the way you rock them hips
Youse a trip girl, doin all them tricks, that's what's up
I like that shit a lot, come and holla at a thug

[Verse Four: female #2]
A-Town's finest I'm the top notch glamour chick
Tell me if I throw it at'cha baby can you handle it
Cause the cause is Russian if a hater wanna run they lip
Step up in the club and have them whisperin, "God damn she thick!"
Take it to the bar, Hypnotiq and Hennessy is on my list
Seductively movin my body, now watch me rock my hips
Take a sip, of the Goose, I'm lookin good and livin lavish
Big boy pimpin, poppin dippin, now tell me I'm not the baddest

[Verse Five]
I walk in the club and she whoppin and shakin
I wanna take to the house, so a player start breakin in
her motherfuckin back like a player supposed
God damn lil' buddy, touch yo' toes
God damn lil' buddy, take off yo' clothes
And let me see that apple bottom and that brown booty hole
Shorty slide up and down on that pole
And V.I.P. is how it motherfuckin goes

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

She rock her hips (told y'all niggaz~!)
She rock her hips (we gon' have the whole world rockin)
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, I like, the way, she rock her hips
She rock her hips (we done did this shit again man)
Ay, ay, ay, ay (Crime Mob), ay, ay, ay
I like, the way (M-O-B), she rock, her hips (Mob music)