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Artist: Craig G
Album:  Now, That's More Like It
Song:   No Favors
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Craig G ]
When she told me she was leavin she said, "Now Craig, don't get excited"
I said, "You're leavin? It ain't nothin, yo, I'm quite delighted"
What you expect me to do? Start shittin?
Yeah right bitch, goodbye and good riddance
I don't care if you're goin because of that duck you're with
Namsayin? So hey, you can suck my dick
Cause now the secret is out and you're outta luck
(Yo man, she's startin to cry) Hey, I don't give a fuck
She dished it out, so now she's gonna get it too
So fuck you and the doctor that delivered you
After all the shit that I gave her
You're gonna diss me? Bitch, do me no favors

[ VERSE 2: Craig G ]
She had some nerve tryina play me like I'm Milton Bradley
So when she's hearin this I hope her ass is feelin badly
About the things she did and she often tried
Now that you cried, go 'head, commit suicide
Jump off a building, or better yet jump off a cliff
And if you jump I hope you take that fuckin man you're with
So what you love him, you love every man you know
To put it bluntly - bitch, you'se a stinkin hoe
What you thought? That I was supposed to cry for you?
Baby please, don't try to tell me what I should do
You got his kid? Well I hope you both die in labor
And by the way, bitch, do me no favors

[ VERSE 3: Craig G ]
The Vernon Posse and I went to see 'Child's Play'
(Yo Craig, was it hype?) Yeah, I'll say
Shit was runnin real smooth and oh so correct
And then I turned around and saw my fuckin ex
She had some dickhead kid wearin acid wash
And all I could say was "Oh my fuckin gosh"
But to be a good sport I smiled and said hi
And after that the bitch, she just walked by
So I ran up to her at the concession stand
And I said, "You won't speak because you're with your man?
Well fuck both of you, see cause you ain't nobody
And the way that you look, you're both seein Scotty"
But she tried to get hype and create a scene
So I dissed her ass, you know what I mean
And after that I jumped into my Blazer
Screamed out the window (Bitch, do me no favors)

[ VERSE 4: Craig G ]
About a month after that her ass was cold forgotten
And the rest of my life was finally startin
Chillin in my room pumpin The Kingpin
Then out of nowhere the phone starts ringin
So then I pick up the phone and say "Who's this?"
And yeah you guessed it, it was that fool bitch
You know the one that's always actin nasty
She probably heard I went platinum, now she's tryina gas me
But I'm not the one, she's on a scenic route
She better check her funky ass into a Phoenix House
Or run with her man on the hoe stroll
Don't look surprised, you see, I know so
Your man's a fag that's drag racin
And on top of that - you're both basin
So don't come to me with that generic shit
Cause I won't give a fuck about hearin it
And if you go get your man I'll play that boy quick
I mean so fast you'd think he had a joystick
Because back in the days he used to flam a lot
But now he's a fairytale like Sir Camelot
And if he tries to diss I cut him like a razor
And then say, "Yo bitch, do me no favors"