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Artist: Craig G
Album:  Now, That's More Like It
Song:   Feel Ya Way
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Check it out
I got somethin to talk about today, right?
There's a lotta MC's out there that be frontin like they know what they doin
They come out with their tapes like they did everything on the album, right?
But I got somethin I'ma tell y'all
They just feel they way through it
You know
So I'ma kick these lyrics to let everybody know what time it is really
We gon' swing it like this

[ VERSE 1 ]
Hello (hello) greetings
If you've just arrived please take a seat in the rear
Do you read me loud and clear?
I hope you do cause there's somethin you should hear
A lot of MC's really front like they know
Exactly what they're doin while they're in the studio
They play their demos proudly like producer's their career
But who really did it? The f[edited]in engineer
Duck, for what reason must you lie?
Your name's on all the credits, as if you really tried
To make a drum track, but do you think we're stupid?
You don't know what you're doin, you just feel your way through it

(Can you feel it?)

They can't do it
They just feel their way through it

[ VERSE 2 ]
Now there was this brother that I knew from way back
That was always known to swing a dope rap
But the problem was his tracks were lame
Same kick, same snare, everything's the same
Now is it me, or does that s[edited] sound wack?
The kid had a deal, the label tore his contract
Because they heard how his s[edited] came out
Now he's up in Long Island on a paper route
Talkin 'bout "They are wack, they're not better than me"
Dissin every rapper in the industry
It's not our fault you didn't know what to do
Just say you can't, someone will do it for you
But see you had your pride and you blew it
And that's what you get, clown, for tryina feel your way through it

(Can you feel it?)

You can't do it
You're tryina feel their way through it
You can't do it
So yo, let's get to it

You just feel your way through it
Now let me get to it

[ VERSE 3 ]
It seems a lotta people have been taken for a ride
Spendin money on jams they thought were fly
From the store to the house they run
Just to find out they want a refund
Now how many times have you done that too?
Buy a dope album from a real dope crew
Jet straight home, toss in the cassette
And the s[edited] makes you wanna break your tape deck
I mean damn, how could you jerk us like that?
You know you really give a bad name to rap
But still you try to front as if your style is deadly
But the only place your tape lands is under my Pirellis
And that's the reason that I really have to do it
So do me a favor - don't try to feel your way through it

(Can you feel it?)

Cause you can't do it
You just feel your way through it