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Artist: Cozz f/ Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Effected
Song:   Hustla's Story
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Cozz]
Woo! Yeah, ayy
Shoutout my hustlers
I mean, everybody hustle
They ain't gotta be no motherfuckin' trapper
Just hustlers, you feel me?
Look, look

I said, wake up, open up shop, get yo hustle on
Sellin' pills straight out her crib, and break into another home
Tryna get in and out, get his double double on
This ain't my story that I'm singin' my nigga, but this is another song
This prob'ly your uncle song, prob'ly your big brother song, your father or your mother song
I understand your circumstance so in your head there's nothin' wrong
How you could blame how we behave, if we paid and we ain't gettin' loans?
You don't know what's goin' on
If you ain't live to see this shit I can't describe
Takin' chances so they survive, this all happens just to take a life
In the end it was all for bread, and use the heat just to make it rise
Not sure how to raise a daughter, but they know to raise the price
So what you goin' through? Tell a nigga what you goin' through
I could probably relate, I could probably be late, and still be on time for you
I could probably spit mind for you, if you don't wanna tell your story
It's the same as yours, I hustle early in the morning
Wake up, open up shop, get your hustle on
Sellin' pills straight out her crib, and break into another home
I understand your circumstance so in their heads, there's nothin' wrong
But they don't know what's goin' on, they don't know what's goin' on

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] + (Cozz)
Wake up (wake up, woo!) I know only
Trapped in the belly of the beast and it's hungry
If I can't lay up in the streets, I feel lonely
If I gotta break up with the streets, I feel lonely

Look, yeah you got your car, yeah you got your gold
Your money don't fold but your momma still at home
Fam don't want your dirty money, you look clean but your mother sad
Your girl felt neglected, now your daughter got another dad
Local block hustler, my father was a customer
Moms used to watch him buy his weed then she would cuss at him
Only for the weed, he felt free from that subtle bust
Moved back and it was primetime, and now I'm on my prime time
But hustler turned pimp though, he was gettin' pimped dough
Now only sellin' his dope, but now he sellin' nymphos
Not so cautious about how he sells, made his way to county jails
Now he lonely in them cells, how he feel?
It was probably hell, he got out but on that same shit
I guess when you lawyer to yourself then you can't switch
But how can you blame kid? Don't know what he was goin' through
Cause hustle is his bread and butter, he don't want no other fool
But I wake up, open up shop, get my hustle on
Wake up early in the morn'
Make a couple records, gettin' reckless on these records 'til these fuck niggas respect it
Go and get it, make a difference, wake up with a new perspective motherfucker


[Interlude: Kendrick Lamar]
Justify the love of mine for life of crime, my life and times is hard at times
I fall at time like all the time and then I dream for baller time and then the clock rewind
And I - wake up! I know homie
I know homie

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

[Cozz] + (Kendrick Lamar)
We ain't chose this type of livin', it's what we gotta do
Part of niggas hear us Crippin' and drop out of school
Sellin' drugs or they pimpin' like some prostitutes
Livin' in a nightmare, pinchin' is what you gotta do
(Wake up)