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Artist: Count Bass-D
Song:   The Mingus Sextet
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[Count Bass-D]
He's not mature enough for tantric sex yet
One nigga, five broads, the mingus sextet
Gomorrah, Sodom/Saddam Hussein, who crazy
Raw digga nigga so the man ain't lazy
After the fifth stroke, the sixth play dress poker
He's fully clothed with the money that he thought he owed her
Or that he thought he owed 'em
Mm know when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em
Make you wish you could erase it out your cable modem
Organic analog, straight out my SCSI port
Online, kids pitch a bitch cause my song short
Be humored by day, more culture than your play
Rap production stall, all sample work and no play
I tell ya like Fats told Mingus
Jazz ain't supposed to make no body millions
Records I'm with that, CDs I'm with that
MP3s is aight, DAT..Fuck that!