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Artist: Cory Gunz
Album:  Datz WTF I'm Tallkin Bout (Mixtape)
Song:   Intro
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yea, welcome to my base
South Bronx in the reppin, with my weapon on my waist
Steppin caution, I want my collection on my plate
Pretty sure that mine want my errection on her face
15 in the Beemer, I showed em how I flow
Many ladies they love me but do I love em? Oh no
I get money so like the money they with me then let go
They catch a nigga for rhyming, they tryna give me and they told
I tell em I don't give up
I'm a lace yo nigga on my time
I got money and murder on my mind
Nigga, thorazine change young Bronx
Afraid of games that'll come
I told em from the start, I'm not a organ donor
but I bet you'd see my heart if you ever pulled my card
You'll never see the light if you never seen a dawg
And for a sprite we'll let em see the spark
You've never see my pay cause you've never seen my pain
Niggas say I changed, I'm just more about my part
You'll find me in the trap counting scratches in the trap
I'll be in Hermit or in the middle of the Bronx
Long story shorter than a wrong story
Your favorite rapper couldn't right a wrong, Cory nigga
I'm a your biggest enemy and I'm yo biggest fan
I don't give a fuck, I ain't never feared a man