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Artist: Cormega f/ Crystal Jenkins
Album:  Thug Life 12" 
Song:   Thug Life (Extended Version) 
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Cormega the illest 
niggaz feel this 
my rhymes and raps 
like dmx 
i'll kill this 
one final request 
i'll fullfill the this 
niggaz don't know the 
shit i grew up wit 
single parent home 
welfare checks 
no phones 
still surviving, multiplying 
trying to make it 
in the rap game 
the only sane nigga 
i never would complain 
i put crack aside 
tried the hip hop ride 
stepped my game up 
layed the bitch up 
in 99 i try to make my shit blow up 
cause a nigga young as me 
never thuggin 
but still known as a g 
can you feel me, no 
but you know i'm there 
creepin' through your crib at night 
kill yo mamma 
your brutha, your sister, and your wife 
some call me trife 
but its all cause i live a thug life 

it's a thug life nigga 
say whut??? 
it's a thug life nigga 
say whut??? 
it's a thug life nigga 
say whut??? 
it's a thug life nigga 
say whut??? 
Crystal(Singin): Thug Life 

sometimes fear takes control of us all 
niggaz never realize 
the seriousness of it all 
jelously and envy 
takin' over the streets 
make a nigga like me wonder what 
we did to deserve these feats 
hungry children in the ghetto 
with out enough to eat 
families in housing projects during 
the winter without no heat 
speak about it all you want 
with reverand jesse jackson 
with faracon, cochran, 
and mr. affirmative action 
that's just step one son 
apply it to life 
just like the law about handguns 
and remember no nigga out there 
should have to lose his life 
fuck it 
i guess it's just thug life 


them muthafuckas on wall street 
don't give a fuck about the ghetto 
they would rather suck dick than help you 
and ain't afraid to let you know 
then they run for office 
get up and talk shit 
win your vote, get ellected 
and don't do shit 
i was born and raised 
a new york native 
sold drugs, got paid, 
until the operation was raided 
it makes me sick, day after day 
that bum *(clinton) smokes celtzer(weed) 
and gets mad paid 
the government will never get rid of drugs 
they get too much money for it 
congressmen shoot up 
and then go to work and legislate 
sounds great 
i wish i was a politician 
my only mission would 
be to smack crack and pretend like i'm listening 
so fuck 'em 
we'll handle our problems on our own 
they'll probably get mad, try to to take our life 
well nigga 
that's just thug life 


yo this is cormega 
and i'm here to tell all of you 
livin' on the streets 
in housin' projects 
and in ghettos 
to keep ya head up 
times are bad on the streets 
killin' and shit 
but i want each and everyone of you 
to keep up hope 
peace out