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Artist: Cormega
Album:  Sex, Drugs, Bitches and Money 12"
Song:   Sex, Drugs, Bitches and Money 
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[Verse 1]
aww shit Im always caught up in a scandal
im like Martin dumbing out on Tisha Campbell
my dick is on the crap table Im ready to gamble
gimme a blunt and all the pussy I can handle
ayo Im getting mad bitches like a trooper
and Ill be swinging like Im hanging out with Mr. Cooper
pushing a phat B, bitches wanna get with me
I get more pussy than a women's penitentiary
I drink lemons with bacardi
for bitches wanna party
make sure they gimme the punani
yo when I be with mamis we could be maxin'
2Pac and Janet Jackson so I guess I fuck with Toni Braxton
whatup with Mega did you see him (yea I seen him)
uh huh
fucking yo bitches how to be up
bitches know the drealy when my dick is in between them (yo whats the deal dunn)
I fucked them and Im leavin

It aint a damn thing funny
sex, drugs, bitches & money
where my niggas at?
It aint a damn thing funny
sex, drugs, bitches & money

[Verse 2]
to ya'll bitches who aint making any sense
and talk that bullshit like aint nothing going on but the rent
and want a little more graditude
I pay the rent now get the fuck out my house, that's my attitude
you better find another sucker
I don't give a fuck
a bitch play herself and Ima buck her
yea Im a foul motherfucker
and bitch I ran more trains than a subway from Dunston
I cant afford to pop shit
my dick the size of one of Bob Marley's clips
being a supertravel's never easy
I even had a fight with Jorge (Weezy!!) because he caught me fucking Weezy 
ya'll niggas better watch your girlies
cause Ill be tag-teaming bitches like Levern and Shirley
ya'll motherfuckers know the rules
now white bitches on my dick like Im from Guns-n-Roses, dude

It aint a damn thing funny
sex, drugs, bitches & money
where my bitches at?
It aint a damn thing funny
sex, drugs, bitches & money

[Verse 3]
Last verse 
a cartoon booty session
Im in a Lex spaceship
fucking Judy Jetson
Im cool with Fred but Wilma give good head
it's hard to sleep with fucking Dino sleeping in the bed
Betty Boop sex incredible
and Olive Oyle got a nag becasue her pussy smell terrible
fucking a sea hag is something I can never do
no matter what she working with or she be bringing cheddar to
Snow White's a ho she burned my nigga Sleepy dwarf
and now the other six of them cats is beating all
and plus Yogi Bear hit her
Fuck that bitch!
Im live and uncensored
word up
what, what