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Artist: Cormega
Album:  The Realness
Song:   5 for 40
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Son I was a young nigga hustling
Me serving a D was unheard of, unless a D served me
Speak words superbly, its clear you heard me
Your idea of a real nigga changed
I'm into bigger things
I'm tryin to maintain the same aim of prisoners
drug dealers and my niggas you gangbanged
The game changed, shit is on fire
Niggas went from greatness to statements and wires
So scared to face biz they be trading their suppliers
So niggas outta state, you want weight you pay higher
I'm commended yet exulted for words spoken cautious
Seen some of the biggest drug dealers blow fortunes in bathrooms
Niggas be sniffin like vacuums
Reminisce to '88, the year crack ruled
I had Nike Delta Forces with them clear capsules
5 for 40, crackheads like "I only buy from Cory"