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Artist: Cormega f/ Large Professor
Album:  Legal Hustle
Song:   Sugar Ray and Hearns
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My performance is live, I speak lyrics that got drive
Hold weight in each part, street, county estate
Makes no different, magnificent is, getting down to business
Ridiculous, vigorous, you can't dilgerous ass nigga's
Stop fucking up the airwaves, stand and ovate
XP I be the one who was great
Of all time, rap sergent of rhymes, Large Professor
From the grand on the dresser, to lands you can't measure
My black, cake be stake, uniform in a pile
I do perform with a smile, they took me off for the trail
You ain't often in the wild, heard schemes and dreams
Of the reigning supreme, nigga coming staight from queens

Ghetto philosopher, like marjuna i'm sparking ya
Verbal conquerer, drama chereograhper
Design rhyme for crimnal mind, individuals
My physical was formulated like a bio-chemical
I wear suede by fila, architect divise
Then I analyze the rhyme I scientifically apply
My device is precise like a sniper's sight
My mic is quite addicted off the rhymes I write
And at night when mega cocaine grams exchange hands
My pen explains my thoughts contained like a brain scan
Live beat suiduce me, mentally suits me
Melody massage me nice, like a gicuzzi, mike?
I write smoothy, while you fein for ganja
I drink pinacallada's, on a crews to the bahamas
I'm too exotic with lyrics, vicious like a school of paranyas
Using knowledge, to devour, with buddah calmness