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Artist: Cormega
Album:  Hustler Rapper
Song:   Straight Outta QB
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Straight Outta Queensbridge a crazy motherfucker named Cormega
In a Viper chromed out beyond measure
I got your girl and, wit' a Sterlin'
automatic that'll have your ass twerlin'
Niggas know if they ever fuck wit' me
The police gonna have to come get me
off your ass, I don't really give a fuck
Bitch motherfucker, I should really hit you up
Niggas wanna mumble, when I come through
Iceberg jeans and ice comin' out the sleeves
Showin' off on a motherfucker like that
Cause I'ma hustler slash rapper
Life's a bitch, my gun smoke'll make ya catch cancer
Nigga I rep' the street till I rest in piece
If you wanna bring your vest and heat
My projects'll be the last place you ever see
So when you in my neighborood, you better duck
Cormega is crazy as fuck
When it's on, your ass better mean it
Cause when I come back boy, I'm comin' Straight Outta Queensbridge