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Artist: Cormega f/ AZ, Foxy Brown, Nas
Album:  Hustler/Rapper
Song:   La Familia
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Movie Sample
"They can get to anyone, anywhere."

"Drugs, gambling, prostitution, all cash, all moved off shore.
And 30% of their clients are legitiment.
I wouldn't break this Firm.
When that happens you're gonna go to jail like the rest of them.
It'll happen someday believe me.
Your life as you know it is over."

Ayo, guns and roses, sons and soldiers
Drug game, cocaine, Ac's and Range Rovers
Snakes plan a way to set their own man up
For grams when they bag up Cristal White
At night pistols might lift you like heat seeking missiles
Streets tempt you, police stop to get you
'Cause niggas you ran with got knocked and snitched too
Your bitch knew the time you faced
You didn't hide the safe
Now she's fucking in your fly estate
By the fireplace, my shine stay laced
Mind original, Firm La Familia, organized criminal's boy
You just a hand to hand soldier, I'm a general
One way ticket to hell is what I'm sending you
Yo, your idiot rookie cops know my props go high
Like Himalayan mountains
Mega bouncing in the Z-3, counting up G's with no doubt son

I'll die for my niggas
Stick you for pies and lie for my niggas
Plead guilty, get the chair and fry for my niggas
It's essential that we all as they are like and mental
We've been through life, cold blood living sinful
Though we learn from old thugs that made it
Peeped how they've played it
We rated and evaluated, calculated the ages we be
The days we see, chips freely, beyond whips and TV's
Stock bonds, loot flipped the CD's
But niggas hate to see you on top
They'd rather be you what not
I keep the desert eagle up on cock
Spot the victories got quick, why pop shit?
My niggas leave you shot quick in a hop skip
Specialize in fly shit
VS on my breath while niggas gossip on the tactics
I'm on some 'Doe or Die' shit

[Foxy Brown]
Ill Nana capo, the Firm team Gestapo
36 moves, 37 ways triple days
Triple pays Nana, Fox boogy Firm mama
Kniver the lady cadaver or scarlet whichever O'Hara
The hazardous we laced the Lazarus
Dripping Gambinana, behind the liner
Three niners, from head to toe laced up in Gabbana
With Sosa chip, the 4.6 Range Rover to Villanova
From Castilino to Columbo, Foxy Brown papa
Beyond figures boo, I'll die for my nigga's rollie
The Firm controlee, they chop ki's to clock G's
Rock crocky's and drop three's and cop 3's

Check my lingo and all the white ice that make my rings glow
I've seen doe, got a dime wife from Santo Domingo
Face it, its mathematics, basics far from fake shit
My mind is sacred, my skin shine like a Cuban bracelet
Egyptian Pharaoh, potent ganja use to get me paro/paranoid
Now I inhale from gun shots, through my double barrel
Beneath the ground is how the sound travel
So what have you, keep the minds
FEDS not stopping 'til they grab you
Use to bust guns, now into stocks and trust funds
G's and CD's so my seed could soon touch some
The foulness, I once provoke, it's now behind me
Its gon' to take more than selling coke now to buy me
You have me thinking; I gotta kill to keep from sinking
That con way of life; that keeps live niggas from Lincoln
I saw it coming, that's why I slowed down from dumping
Most of my crew is running, can't even afford a summons