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Artist: Cormega
Album:  Born and Raised
Song:   Journey
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[Verse 1]
Life is a journey, before I went the rap route
I served niggas off the bench like Stackhouse
Going in with no intention to back down
My cocaine flow solidified, I spit crack now
You get consignment from my mental stash house, I'm back
Drought's over, fiend's mouth foaming
There's residue in the screen, my mic smoking
Time to show these niggas it's doe or die, my eyes ain't closing
Ever since I started rhyming, the crime rate's lower
And I froze my watch 'cause time waits for no one
Could fuck with NY, when you think it's over
We stay coming back like the Yanks with homers
I ain't living on the strength of no one
Controls my fate, I hold my weight and know my place
When I show my face, it's all love
If not, I say "fuck it," I don't mind hate

[Verse 2]
How the mighty have fallen
The city never sleep, look how tired New York is
Where I was born and raised is a part of my aura
I'm too young to die, to old to try the corners
Truth be told, I'd move weight before starving
Life has highs and lows like a song from Marvin
Police take lives and go free of all charges
Justice fucks us and conceives martyrs
So I open my eyes to the vision of Malcolm
I live for today, yet I wish tomorrow
Is better than yesterday don't exist no longer
I don't maintain, I elevate and just go harder
With verses you sweat like a lyrical sauna
The message I'm sending with a pen in my palm is
The hiatus is over, I have risen and conquered
Laugh now, cry later, this is the karma
Hip-hop never died, it's just sick of the drama

[Verse 3]
Apparently I realized my destiny's
To write about life in the street and its complexities
In the city that never sleep, many dreams are never reached
I ain't afraid to fail if later it will help succeed
I'm the same nigga but money change everything
From location to patience, it's motivation for every scheme
Poetically I'm making a strong case concurrently
With the flow presently redefining my legacy
Life is purpose and goals, death is not doing anything
Can be achieved if you believe, eventually