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Artist: Corey
Album:  I'm just Corey
Song:   What
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I wanna know if your feelin me
Cause of how I think your on me
Wanna say you wont but call me
Any time gurl when you get lonely
Got me thinking bout you at the wrong time
Got homework but you all on my mine
And know use of trying to study with
Your smile the only thing that got me thinking


Gurl I been hidding it but
Gurl you been finding it now
Gurl you keep telling every one bout
What makes you think I care for you
And what makes you think I want you too
And what makes you see all the things I do
Could it be that look in your eyes I cause know you like me too

I wait for you to tell me whats up
Just in case you keep me caught up
Gurl i must admit it gurl you got me messed up
Hope you dont go to the ones that messed up
These little games that you play are so cute
Just like your face baby you are so cute
Go head and blush i know you want to playing hard to get when you know you do


Baby I think that I need you to tell me if you feelin me
Just like I'm feeling you
You cant hide when i see in you smile
Baby that your watching me
Just like I'm watching you