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Artist: Cool Kids 
Album:  The Bake Sale EP
Song:   Gold and a Pager
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[Chorus (scratched and repeated)]
With a little bit of gold and a pager

[Chuck Inglish]
Pedal down the foothills, wheelies on the front wheel (for real Chuck?)
Not for play homebro, I made those and those
I skate those in these
I take those and wear them like I made those even if I don't cuzzo
I'll take those like that
Put them in my knapsack, snap the top latch
Four finger ring on my belt buckle strap
Got to hold up my jeans cause they falling off my ass
Then you got to check these Nikes at the bottom of my pants
Then you got to check my hip cause my beepers on blast
Just got it activated, you ainít even got to ask
So if my phones off you can page my ass
So I guess what is is I'm who I is
And I'm well aware, a gold ropeís what I wear
And they're big and they hang and they swang here to there
And I'm here (With a little bit of gold and a pager)

[Chorus (scratched and repeated)]

[Mikey Rocks]
Who be I? 
Mikey Rocks, I'm a graduate of Cooley High
The last day of school threw my hat in the air 
With a new pair of shoes with the gum sole
Posed for the class picture, and I flicked like a glass fixture
When the tip of your finger hits the switch
With a little bit gold, Motorola pager
Fresh haircut, clean shave with the razor
It's a sickness but god is my witness
Been blessed with this gift since the day before Christmas
I'm trying, I am nice with the science 
On how to stay king of this jungle just like lions
I got to stay humble and move just like a bumble bee
Can't let your ingrates trouble me (no)
So please no steez biting
I'm just a teenager (With a little bit of gold and a pager)

[Chorus (scratched and repeated)]