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Artist: CookBook & Uno f/ Evidence
Album:  C&U Music Factory
Song:   When You Rock and Roll
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

("Soul, soul-soul, soul-soul")
Yeah, it's E-V ("How, much can you get")
Evidence, CookBook ("for your soul...")
Uno Mas {that's whassup} let's go!
("When you rock and roll")

Honies know that money is the thing that they want
And brothers that money is the thing that they want
And both'll hit the block and try to hustle it up
In the club sellin they soul ("when you rock and roll")
Brothers'll fight for the ("money, money")
That dough'll make the closest friendships start to feel funny
Your homey that you run with starts to hide certain agendas
Suddenly the great pretender ("when you rock and roll")
Yeah, don't even bring it to the world of rap music
When we're broke it's buddy buddy, money comes you start to lose it
Your group starts with a dream to hit the scene and change things
Behind the scene they fightin 'bout the same things ("when you rock and roll")
You can't survive without that ("money, money")
Record companies give little but want everything from me
I signed it like a dummy, now I lost my control
Gave away my soul, just so I could rock and roll

("How, much can you get for your soul...")
("When-when you rock and roll")

Hit the road, pack my bags, say goodbye
You know heroes get remembered, but legends never die
So I never say never, and never ask why
they pay no tolls, I guess that comes ("when you rock and roll")
Right, doin shows now there's ("money, money")
Last year you was dumbin out, broke and bummy (crazy)
They used to want advice, now they tryin to son me
It's funny how the tides change, y'know? ("When you rock and roll")
Cash in pocket, big bank, money fold
Accounts drained, but keep a green gangster's roll
They keep they thanks and they praise on hold
Takes for granted no matter the debt never owed ("when you rock and roll")
Small change or big ("money, money") cha-ching!
I'm broke they don't call, I got loot they love me
I know both sides of the fence; some days I feel like Mike
Other days Evidence is rock and roll

("How, much can can you get for your soul...")
("When-when you rock and roll")

Yeah, every day
Another day, another rhyme, flippin pennies to a dime
Over ten plus years been tryin to earn my shine
Make moves, stay ahead of the game and stack dough
And keep your business on point yeah ("when you rock and roll")
Everybody want that ("money, money")
Survival of the fittest and I'm tryin to stay hungry
Keep the work ethic up, nothing's given, nothing free
If you got a lot to lose, then don't be an emcee
This industry will pimp you out like they own the block
If your stock don't rise then you might get locked
Doin time cause you signed, your career's on hold
Live and learn or get burned ("when you rock and roll")
Whack emcees makin ("money, money")
You can find me in the lab, doin work, livin grimy
Nothin shiny on my neck but I got mic control
And that's the only thing you need when you
("When you rock and roll") {*echoes*