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Artist: Convicts f/ Choice
Album:  Convicts
Song:   Whoop Her Ass
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(I whoop you when I wanna
Kick your ass too
I do all these things cause I think I love you)
(Love you) (Love you) (Love you)  --> Robin Harris

[ Big Mike ]
Yo, I can't wait to see my girl
When I was locked up she was actin a fool in that free world
Wouldn't accept my collect calls
She had another motherfucker in her drawers breakin her pussy walls
Thought I could trust her with my cheese
But the bitch seen a mink coat on sale and said, "Nigga please"
So now I'm out to get her
After I box on her ass till she drops I'ma quit her
I might even fuck her
But I be damned if I fuck up again and trusted the motherfucker
So now I'm havin visions of a wrestling match
I'm on the right, she's on the left, the bitch is gettin snatched
Across the ring I headbutt the hoe fast
Pick her up and surplex the bitch ass
Slammed her to the floor like a stamp
Applied the figure fo' on the tramp
Damn, what a vision, G
To get my foot out of her ass she's gonna need surgery
Knock-knock, knock on her door, she's here at last
She better have some good insurance cause I'ma whip her ass

(Kick the bitch down the fuckin block)

[ Lord 3-2 ]
I called my girl's house the other day
Some nigga answered the phone, said his name was Ray
Shot Ray some play
So his hoe ass wouldn't know I was on my way
Got to the house, knocked on the do'
Ray opened the do', I dropped his ass to the flo'
My gal started screamin
( ? ) out of the bitch, I was just fiendin
( ? ) foot caught the bitch in her face
Then I grabbed the hoe by her motherfuckin waist
Slammed her to the flo' and shit
Then started beatin the bitch with a solid wood clobber stick
And threw her ass out the window
She went through the windshield of a fucked up Pinto
But that ain't stopped me, bro
I got her off the Pinto and beat her ass some mo'
Not worried a bit or the least
Goddamn, here come the motherfuckin police
They put me in cuffs, took me to jail
Threw my ass in a cell and said, "Motherfuck a bail"
They're settin up all my papers for prison
For bitch in a hospital with bad condition
That shit she did to me couldn't pass
I ain't wanna hear shit, I had to whoop her ass

(Kick the bitch down the fuckin block)

[ Choice ]
Now wait a minute, it's time for Choice to get in it
And whippin own females' asses, I ain't with it
I'm not sayin all girls are shinin stars
But you Ex-Cons are takin shit too far
Instead of whippin on that ass you should caress it
Love it, hug, it, fuck it, and bless it
Instead of misusin it, doggin it out and plain old abusin it
Cause we can run game just like y'all
The difference is we want money and you want drawers
So baby, chill and understand
Even though we run game we're still down to please a man
But if you're still actin pushy
I'ma tell my girls to pull a nun and put a lock on that pussy

(Get the fuck away from me)
(Bitch, just get the fuck away from me)
(You fuck)

[ Big Mike ]
So now you know what's up
On these funky little bitches in the street that don't give a fuck
About niggas like us
So next time they wanna go out, make the bitches ride the bus
Dog 'em like it go
And if you have to, treat 'em like a hoe
And if they actin like they all that
Beat them bitches down like Tyson on the comeback
Fuck 'em but don't trust 'em, goddamn 'em
Pick the skeezers up over your head and bodyslam 'em
Cause a hoe'll be a hoe, a bitch'll be a bitch
A freak'll be a freak and a trick'll be a trick
So take some advice from the teacher of the class
Don't hesitate for a second to whoop a bitch's ass
Yep yep

(Kick the bitch down the fuckin block)