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Artist: Convicts
Album:  Convicts
Song:   Wash Your Ass
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Dirty son of a bitches
Need to wash they motherfuckin ass, mane
Don't make no goddamn sense
Shit pissin me off, mane
I'm serious than a motherfucker
Dirty-ass bitches

[ Lord 3-2 ]
Hey yo, I think I better break for the do'
Cause somebody ain't washed that ass fo' sho'
Could it be Crazy C, I have to pause
You my nigga but it smell like you done shitted in your drawers
On the other hand my man C always clean
But one of you hoes in his room smell like a dope fiend
Now I done told you time and time again in the past
Dont' be grimey and slimey, bitch, wash your ass

(Wash your ass) (Wash your ass)
(Wash your ass) (Keep your ass clean)  --> Redd Foxx

[ Lord 3-2 ]
Funky bitch, why don't you take a bath, hoe?
You been havin them same drawers on three days in a row
Dirty bastard, go clean your dick
Far as your breath - it smell like baby shit
The shit stains in your drawers are black as tar
And there's enough shit in your ears to wax my fuckin car
This is a test that I hope you pass
Sit back, kick back, bitch, and wash yo ass

(Wash your ass) (Wash your ass)  
(Wash your ass) (Keep your ass clean)

[ Lord 3-2 ]
Have you ever been locked down with a nigga that stank?
You tell him take a shower, he say, "Nah-ah, no I ain't"
You ever seen some shit like this?
A grown-ass nigga smellin just like dried piss
That don't make no motherfuckin sense
Bitch, cover yourself with soap and take your time to rinse
That oughta help you, I figure
Cause if you a dirty nigga yo, you a lonely-ass nigga
At least that's how it is in that world
And when you're locked down, don't even worry about a fuckin girl
Cause that just makes your time longer
While they on another flow with funk that's stronger
Than the average male species
They scratch they pussy so much I bet they got fleas
Old dirty motherfucker
Sittin in there take all day, eatin each other
That's the end, yeah, the end of the class
And I want all you motherfuckers in the world to wash your ass

(Wash your ass) (Wash your ass)
(Wash your ass) (Keep your ass clean)

Yeah check it out, check it out
Yo, we gon' kick it like this
President Bush, wash yo ass
Secretary of State, wash yo ass
Everybody in the world, wash yo ass
Everybody down with me, wash yo ass
If you ain't down with me, wash yo ass
I don't care who you are, just wash that ass
I'm outta here

(Wash your ass) (Wash your ass)
(Wash your ass) (Keep your ass clean)