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Artist: Convicts
Album:  Convicts
Song:   This Is For the Convicts
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(Get yo ass in that cell, boy)

[ Lord 3-2 ]
Sittin in the Harris County Jail spendin all my little time
Not drivin fancy cars, I'm just starin at bars and about to lose my mind
So I get up to take a shower, funky toes are everywhere
Saw a trustee eatin more than me and I thought it wasn't fair
And it hurts right here, stuck in here for a year
I miss my girl and I miss my free world
I really miss my free world
I'm so all alone, I don't know when I'm goin home

[ Big Mike ]
No doubt this jam is funky it's given from Big Mike
Neatly put together something that I know you'll like
But get to the point, to the matter, to the topic
Hard as the penitentiary and nobody can stop it
3-2 is by my side and we're the toughest on the block
Non-believers step up to me and they all get dropped
Like punks in the place who wanna claim that they're down
Or claim that they're king but don't even have a crown
But I come from the street with my gangsta mentality
Slashin the throats of those who wish to battle me
Mic-check 1-2 to the break of dawn
And you don't stop, cause I'm a project-born
I hit ( ? ) on the head, never miss a beat
Some scratch the surface, but I be gettin deep
B-i-g M-o-n-e-y M-i-k-e is just too f-l-y
C-r-e-a-t-i-v-e, exactly what you should call m-e
And I'm in this with my trusty pen and pad
( ? ) and makin 'em mad
While I'm rollin and punks who wanna front get vicked real quick
Yo, this is for the convcits

Ex-Cons get funky!
This is for the convicts

[ Lord 3-2 ]
Yo, I got more money stashed under my bed
Than money in the bank, the bank is what I said
Cause when I tear it up suckers get beaten up
They ain't that damn tough and now you know what's up
And what's up is the fact that I can
Throw down with him or her or this or that
It doesn't make a difference, man or woman
A sucker is a sucker, so keep 'em comin
Pass me the weight and watch me pump it like a real man
Pass me a cooler and I become cooler than an ice tea in the midst of winter
Stickin to you fine young ladies like a splinter
Lend an ear so you can hear
One of the dopest jams of the year
And it's guaranteed to make your mind click
(Hey, who's this for?)
Yo, this is for the convicts

Ex-Cons get funky!
Yeah fool
This is for the convicts

[ Big Mike ]
This jam is ready, smooth and steady, my rhymes help to uplift it
Just to show the proven fact the Ex-Cons are gifted
Blowin minds, not doin time
And if I was to do time it wouldn't be because of stealin rhymes
Or any other petty crime
Cause I'm not the one to drop a dime
I just get hype and go for mine
And pullin all the girls that are fine
So here we go, here we go, here we go to make it
If you have a prestigious talent I surely take it
By house-breakin
Yo, and if you're lookin for a battle, don't you even try to fake it
Huh, cause Big Mike is on point
3-2 is on point
Ex-Cons rocks the joint with a hit
Yo, this is for the convicts

Ex-Cons get funky!
Yeah fool
This is for the convicts
Ex-Cons get funky!
This is for the convicts