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Artist: Convicts
Album:  Convicts
Song:   Peter Man
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Big Mike ]
Steppin out the house 10 o'clock Tuesday morning
My hoe is jockin, askin, "Where you're goin?"
She just sits on the bed and stares
While I tell her "Go back to the nigga you had last year"
Cause I don't give a fuck about a bitch
Last on the list she can suck a nigga's dick
And to that punk motherfucker tryina test me
( *gunshots* ) Son of a bitch - who's next, G?
Layin you hoes on the concrete
Your dope ain't big enough, fool, you can't compete
With a nigga like me runnin things
My partners carry bank, your partners carry chump change
Speakin when I step on the block
Cause everybody know that I'm the nigga with the product
Fellas wanna be down and girls be jockin
Hopin to get a piece of what the man be clockin
A fiend walks up and says "Yo, I need a dime"
I say, "Keep walkin, hoe," cause Mike knows the time
A hand full of twenties, I thought nothin of her
The twenties was marked and the bitch was an undercover
Petty little games that's played by the law
But they can't fuck with me because my shit is up to par
Jump-out boys jump out again and again
( *gunshots* ) They just jump back in
Although I'm the man I'm not the one to take a chance
For the penitentiary by sellin out of my hand
Cause everybody knows I'm no goddamn dummy
So I get somebody else to sell this shit for me
Buyin fresh gifts from Spiegel's
Damn fools, they oughta make the dope game legal
Cause I'm harder than a motherfucker, nobody can move me
Bitches on the dick, play Guy and wanna Groove Me
Knowin that I'm hip to the game plan
They wanna step, I go left cause I'm the Peter Man

He's your Peter Man
(Stay off his dick)  --> Flavor Flav

[ Big Mike ]
Lay back like a mack when it's time to make a hit
You wanna start shit real quick, I pull my pistol, bitch
And then I start bustin you hoes
Boom, boom, and watch you fall like dominoes
Straight from the streets of New Orleans, Ninth Ward
Florida Projects and I'm down with South Park
Kickin devilistics freely
Now every-motherfuckin-body and they mama wanna see me
Who is Big Mike, who is Peter Man
The gangsta-ass nigga that nobody can understand
Violent as a goddamn earth quake
Take your gold, your money, your life, your bitch, your ( ? )
Scurry motherfuckers be the first to talk some shit
Scuffle 'em up, muffle 'em with a hit
And walk with they gal like a motherfuckin stairwell
Since she's a hoe I'ma say, "Oh well"
And let the hoe carry on for another dick
Cause I'ma catch a nut and get my dick sucked anyway
P-e-t-e-r M-a-n
Ain't no hoe-ass motherfucker's friend

He's your Peter Man
(Stay off his dick)  --> Flavor Flav
You don't wanna fuck with him
Big Mike, he's your Peter Man
(Stay off his dick)

[ Big Mike ]
Later on that evening got a call from T-Money
I couldn't all hear because this bitch was all up on me
She wants to fuck, she said "Mike you know the deal"
"I'm on the phone with T, so baby won't you chill?"
See it's nothin to me to diss a bitch real fast
I could talk about the hoe and still get the ass
But back to the phone, "What's the scoop, hurry up"
He said "Big Mike, things are kinda fucked up"
I said, "What's up," he said, "Some niggas are on the cut
And ever since they came, man, it's been slow as fuck
I think it's 'bout time that you gathered up the boys
Loaded up the toys and came to kick some noise"
I slammed the phone cause I was pissed, no doubt
Gave the bitch her drawers and put the hoe out my hoes
Called up 3-2 and said, "Man, come scoop me 
Pick up some weed and don't forget the Uzi"
Feelin hype in our ride through the hood
Six niggas deep, now you know we up to no good
Hit the block and then I made a right turn
Eight niggas chillin, waitin to get burned
I jumped out the car and said, "Hey yo, listen here
I been runnin this cut for the past two years
So how in the hell could you just move in
You ain't from the hood and you ain't my fuckin friend
Since you showed up, boy, business has been slow
So I think it's 'bout time that you motherfuckers go"
They all started to laugh, they thought I was a joke
So I said to myself, I better let the pistol smoke
Reached to my side and then I grabbed the .38
I let one go, you shoulda seen them hoes break
One came back and said, "I don't ( ? ) nigga
How you gonna talk shit when my hand is on the trigger?"
So I took complete advantage of the situation
Shot him twice with no hesitation
His homeboys came back real quick, it was a trip
Loaded with nines and Uzis on they hip
I said to myself, "Damn, it's time to get busy"
Gave the signal for my homeboys to get with me
First came Lil' Jay and then 3-2
And Bido 1 with the motherfuckin crew
We all got ready and grabbed our shit
And let bullets fly because the hour was thick
We shot at them, they shot at us
Some took cover behind a metro bus
I took cover behind a house on the corner
Bido was bleedin, he got shot in the shoulder
I asked what happened, he said, "I tried to reload
They caught me slippin, so take care of them hoes"
I shot one, Lil' Jay shot another
3-2 was sprayin a Uzi like a crazy motherfucker
Bang-bang-bang, I was slingin lead
One to the head left a motherfucker dead
Took my corner back and now I'm standin here real strong
Never fear death cause I was born to live long
Heads were put to bed in the midst of confusion
Headlines read 'Big Mike fires up Houston'
People read the paper and can't understand
Why I do what I do, but I bet you nobody fucks over the Peter Man

He's your Peter Man
(Stay off his dick)
You don't wanna fuck with him
Big Mike, he's your Peter Man
(Stay off his dick)

Now I'ma let you hoes know what the Peter Man is all about, see?
You know that gangsta-ass nigga from the hood that's takin care of business
But ain't takin no shit with it?
That's the Peter Man, and that's Big Mike
I'm outta here

He's your Peter Man
(Stay off his dick)
He's your Peter Man
(Stay off his dick)
You don't wanna fuck with him
Big Mike, he's your Peter Man
(Stay off his dick)
You don't wanna fuck with him