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Artist: Convicts
Album:  Convicts
Song:   I Love Boning
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Always givin a nigga the same runaround
Thinkin I wanna get set
When all I wanna do is get my dick wet

[ Big Mike ]
Hey Tamika (Hey) You know you look real nice
And why do you wear those shorts so tight, baby?
(Because I want to)
I like the way you switch when you're walkin
I can't get over that sexy ass talk, huh
With those big brown eyes
Juicy-ass titties and tender lookin thighs
And ooh when you walk in class
Bend over to sit I reach to grab that ass
But yo, I catch myself before I do somethin nasty
Cause dealin with a bitch like you takes class, G
I'm hip to all the tricks on the set
Before you get the dick I must get you wet
And when you do get it, oh lord
They have to go out and buy a brand new fuckin headboard
(Headboard?) Yeah, that's what I said
And don't forget the ice for the hickeys on your head
(Is you crazy?) No bitch, I be gettin busy
And while I get a nut you fucked up and feelin dizzy
Sticks to the pussy will always leave you moaning
(Ooh) Yeah bitch, I love boning

(And all my friends, they will agree) --> Big Daddy Kane

[ Big Mike ]
Yo Tina (What's up?) What seems to be the problem?
Is it your boyfriend? Tell me about him
Or wait, is it that same fuckin pooh-put
Always talkin shit and tellin you to shut up?
I bet he doesn't even make love to ya
He gets a nut, gets up and say to hell witcha
Because you ain't appreciated
Your fuckin relationsihp is all outdated
But have no fear, I'm here to pick up the slack
It takes a real-ass nigga to bring a romance back
And where you need to be
Is lyin in bed while I caress your pussy
I love pussy, no doubt
I fuck ya till your motherfuckin eyes bulge out
(You freak) Yeah, I'm a freak and it's funny
But wait until I cover you up in milk and honey
(Mmhhh) And lick the honey off your nipples (Ah)
You see, it's so goddamn simple
I'm quick to stick but I don't lick
So save the motherfuckin tricks, bitch
I love boning

(Right here)
I love boning

[ Big Mike ]
Listen up good cause I'ma say it for the last time
I'ma express the inner thoughts on my fuckin mind
I wanna get next to you, kick a step or two
Max and relax and then have some sex with you
Lay you on the bed and make you feel comfy
Break out the Johnson & Johnson, so you can oil me
Make you feel good, make you feel alright
Whether you're dark skinned or brown skinned or damn near white
Yo, I can't care if you're rich or middle class
Cause there's no category for when it comes for waxin ass
I do it like this and then I do it like that
And when the pussy gets good I stick it from the back
And stroke it and stroke it to the music on the stereo
Lay on my back and you can ride it like the rodeo
Play Roy Rogers or even Lone Ranger
Wiggle and jiggle that dick, there's no danger
It's soft and gentle, you're hard and rough
You wanna see it grown, go on and give it another touch
I love boning

(And all my friends, they will agree)
I love boning
(And all my friends, they will agree)
Yeah, me myself Big Mike's down with boning
Bushwick Bill, I know he's down with boning
Prince Johny C, he's into boning
Big Troy, I know he's down with boning
On Bido 1, ain't you down with that boning?
(Jungle Style)
T-Money, yeah, you're into boning
And Doug King, I know he's down with boning
Yeah, and you don't stop
I love boning
Come on, come on
I love boning
I love boning...