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Artist: Convicts
Album:  Convicts
Song:   I Ain't Going Back
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Lord 3-2 ]
"We can't help you, we can't help you," that's some bullshit
Y'all don't wanna hire a nigga cause I'm an ex-convict
Thinkin I'ma steal or somethin in the nature
Or the hoe who work at night, they think that I'ma rape her
Huh, just cause I'm a goddamn Ex-Con
Jobs treat my ass like an out-of-date coupon
Gettin me to go back is the gameplan
They might as well pin that shit up on the next man
On a mission, I can't do it by myself, though
I need a down-ass nigga who let his nuts hang to the flo'
Knowin my man Lil James would understand
Hooked me up with a nigga from the Park named Peter Man
In no time we bakin beaucoup money
Bitch, I tried to get a job, but they were runnin from me
Another parole visit at noon
Why don't you motherfuckers give my dick some breathing room
My address changed from my visit in the past
The PO mad as fuck cause I got better shit than his ass
Nosy as hell the honkey picks up my jacket
(Hey, what fell out the bitch, mane?) A goddamn packet
He headed for the phone in a den
I said, "Mr. Parole Officer, say goodbye to oxygen"
( *gunshots* ) Now that's the end of that
Man fuck that shit, I ain't goin back

(Here's a little somethin 'bout a nigga like me)  --> Ice Cube
[ Big Mike ]
Me be on paper, you got me fucked up, G
(Here's a little somethin 'bout a nigga like me)
Shootin you hoes out the sky tryina mark me a parolee
(Yeah, been lookin for yo ass, boy, you ready to go back?)
(Fuck that shit cause I ain't the one)  --> Ice Cube

[ Lord 3-2 ]
Now I'm a fugitive again headed for Jamaica
(What about your girl?) Oh my .38? I'ma take her
Cause I don't give a fuck about a female
I strap some bricks to her feet and let her ass sell
I guess I'm supposed to give 'em slack, they figure
But when I was in they ain't even know a nigga
Now I'm on the run again
Tryina keep my ass out the state pen
And I'ma tell ya, it ain't a simple task
Even laws here in Jamaica on my motherfuckin ass
Like medicine to a cold, a basketball to a goal
A flag to a pole, a dick to a pussy hole
The head nigga in charge they wanna get
Take me back? Nah-ah, man, that's bullshit
The only way I'm goin back is in a box
Dead as fuck with a pocket full of rocks
(Open the door, you nigger) Motherfucker please
So they bust through the bitch like City Under Siege
They shot, we shot, one of my boys fell
So me and Peter Man break like bats out of hell
Leavin 19 of the 20 laws dead
To be hid away we get away with DJ Ready Red
He know we can't go out like that
I be good-goddamned if I'm goin back

(Here's a little somethin 'bout a nigga like me)
[ Big Mike ]
Fuck the slavemaster and his damned penitentiary
(Here's a little somethin 'bout a nigga like me)
He can forget that shit, there ain't no motherfuckin catchin 3
(Hehehe, you better go back, boy)
(Fuck that shit cause I ain't the one)

[ Lord 3-2 ]
Some are on the run, I'm in a track meet
I ainsta be shot, neither to get my ass beat
Neither taxed with a nite stick
Far as I'm concerned all you laws can suck dick
Rollin like a motherfucker hidden sess
Preachers preach and nuns gettin hit in the process
But that ain't bother me a bit
Still rollin through the Nickel, shootin up shit
Laws still on my ass trailin
But my foot's in the tank and I'm bailin
Dazed as hell I start rollin up some herb
Then I get an idea, so I pull to the curb
The laws walked up on us with they gats pulled out
Too late, you hoes, AK shots to the mouth
Put my shit in drive and threw away my gat
No weapon and no witness, so how can I go back?

(Here's a little somethin 'bout a nigga like me)
[ Big Mike ]
You hoes in the courthouse won't be crossin 3
(Here's a little somethin 'bout a nigga like me)
You know goddamn well he planted that shit on me
(Never shoulda been let out the penitentiary)  --> Ice Cube
[ Lord 3-2 ]
I ain't goin back, motherfucker
You hoes got me fucked up y'all think I'm goin back to that biatch