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Artist: Convicts
Album:  Convicts
Song:   Free World
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

- Big Mike, parole visit
- Damn, another parole visit
  Hope this time they let me out this motherfucker
- Big Mike, alias Peter Man
  Ah, you have several prior convictions, son
  But what the fuck is your cause for incarceration this time?

[ Big Mike ] 
Busted for assault, five-o swooped real fast
I know I shoulda bailed after I got off this bitch ass
Now I'm sittin in the city, next to county
With all of these funky motherfuckers standin around me
Funky-ass, pissy-ass, shitty-ass smells
They need to clean up these goddamn jails
I told the bossman I wanted a bunk
Because I'm sick of bein here with these motherfuckin punks
"Watch your mouth" - watch my mouth for what?
If the feeling's right, motherfucker, come on and jump
Cause I ain't fearin no one no way
Step to me, your ass is mine today
Cause I'm throwin bolos, doin solos
And I'ma let you hoes know
That if you jump me you better do it right
If not, none of you hoes gon' sleep tonight
The guard showed up on the double
Hog-tied me cause they said I was causin trouble
The nigga down the hall callin Earl
Damn, I can't wait to hit the free world

- Yo, bring that yellow motherfucker 3-2 down here
  Bring him out here
- Let me go, bitch
- Sit your ass down, boy
- Sit down
- You just can't seem to stay yo ass out of trouble
  What are you locked down for this time?

[ Lord 3-2 ]
I was sellin on the corner of Green and Glover
Watchin my back cause of the fuckin undercovers
The state gave me two bills the first time I left, G
But with nowhere to go, nothin to eat, what will it do for me?
I guess that's the whole damn object
To keep us black motherfuckers in the projects
They build more and more projects without askin
And more fuckin penitentiaries to put our ass in
That's why I'm on a corner with twenties and dimes
A dopefiend with a marked twenty, he out his fuckin mind
Goddamn, he tried to break fast
Cause I pulled out my shit and start bustin caps at his ass
And as I was pullin the trigger
The jump-out boys jumped out on a nigga
Playin me for a dummy
They gave the fiend a hit to buy the shit from me
Now I gotta freeze like a statue
It ain't no runnin when assault rifles pointed at you
Questionin me about doors kicked in
While the white man's in federal gettin his ass licked in
Ain't that somethin, them fiend-ass snitches
That's why when I see 'em I whoop them funky bitches
And have they ass screamin just like a girl
Pretty soon they gon' have to let me back to the free world

- If you all are considered for parole
  Is y'all gonna get a damn job?

[ Big Mike ] 
That shit about lookin for a job, nigga please
I'm gonna buy me a ounce and make some quick-ass g's
I got some scores to settle, some hearts to break
Some nuts to bust and some lives to take
[ Lord 3-2 ]
Some mo' dope to sell, mo' bitches to rape
And bitch, if they take me back I bet I'll escape
The last thing they'll see is my shoe sole
I'm kickin ass as I'm steppin out this slop hole
[ Big Mike ] 
And that mothefuckin cop who locked me up
Your ass is mine, you better run, you better hide, you better duck
Cause I'ma cause so much trouble, raise so much hell
Kill the judge who put me away and blow up this fuckin jail
[ Lord 3-2 ]
Yeah, let all my homies go free
With all these scumbags on the street it ain't no motherfuckin catchin me
(What about the guards?) That's just they luck
Cause I don't give a damn, give a shit, or give a fuck
Not one of you hoes cared when I was in
So when I'm out I be doin what I gotta do to win
And if killin your mama is the wish
Hehe, she's gonna be another dead bitch
[ Big Mike ] 
We gon' cause static like Braddock in Missing in Action 2
Instead of takin out one we're takin out your whole crew
[ Lord 3-2 ]
Some motherfuckers smooth and swift
Cut yo body in pieces and send 'em off as Christmas gifts
Put a bow on your dick and send it your girl
[ both ]
And we'll be ready for your ass when we hit the free world

- Parole denied!