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Artist: Convicts
Album:  Convicts
Song:   Fuck School
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

It's that nigga y'all kicked out of school
And I told y'all I was gon' get y'all back
Fuck y'all man

[ Lord 3-2 ]
Every nigga and they mama want a diploma
Then when they get the motherfucker, they still be in a coma
But 3 say to hell with school cause I don't give a fuck
With education you can still end up workin on a trash truck
Teachers tryina run game and tell ya, "Be a scholar"
Fuck that, I'll drop out, sell dope and make dollars
Yo, I say the same damn thing drunk or sober
Cause the best part of school is when the motherfucker's over
You ( ? )
Teachers talkin in your face with breath smellin like they shit
That's why today I'm a goddamn fool
Quote this from Lord 3-2 - Fuck school

Fuck 'em, Mike
Do you love 'em?
I don't love 'em
(I don't love none of them hoes)
That's why they kicked us out
And I don't love 'em
(They can suck a nigga's dick)

[ Lord 3-2 ]
I used to stay fucked up from either smokin or drinkin
Then leave before my second class cause my dick would do the thinkin
I be back before lunch if a hoe bored me
Walkin through the front door smellin like her damn laundry
Now here comes Russell, I bet I break quickly
Cause I know if he sees me he's gonna fuck with me
Damn - "Where's your pass, Mr. Chris?"
"Aw man, I just ran out real quick to go and take a piss"
"Boy you're lyin, that story's a front
You been kickin that shit to me for the last past three months"
Off to the office, Russ knocks on the door, we hear a cough
( ? ) I bet that nasty motherfucker in there jackin off
Words I speak aren't regretted
Just like I said we walk in, hah, the principal's sweatin
He said, "Chris straight up, I don't have time today
But don't come back to ( ? ) unless you see this bitch fly away"
I said peace, now it's time for me to party up
Told the sucker to suck my dick, then tossed my forty up
My homies say, "Yo 3, you playin some of ball?"
I said, "Fuck no," he said, "Why," I said, "I don't love none of y'all"
I knew I'd never pass, that's why I never went to class
So all you cocksuckin teachers can lecture ( ? ) my ass
Don't get too trilly cause I ain't that cool
I send this comment to Congress, hah - Fuck school

Fuck 'em
Cause I don't love 'em
Mike don't love 'em
Bido don't love 'em
Crazy C don't love 'em
None of the Rap-A-Lot posse love 'em, so fuck 'em

[ Lord 3-2 ]
Teachers, some of you kids are stuck with 'em
But not Lord 3-2, why, cause I can't fuck with 'em
Fuck school, I shop it, it's a must, no doubt
I couldn't stay unless I'd pay or I'd get kicked out
It's yo damn decision, though, don't have a fit
Put up with the shit and in the end watch what you get
A diploma or degree for the education losers
Me need that piece of shit? Huh, when hell freezes
Or when cows jump hurdles and mice eat cats
Or me winnin pool against Minnesota Fats
Bears singin or alligators talkin
People without legs in wheelchairs walkin
It just ain't happenin, G, I can't see it
Though you want a edumacation? So be it
You be the king of your actions, so rule
But me myself 3-2 say - Fuck school

And you think I'm goin back?
You got me fucked up
I ain't never goin back to school
Ain't right not, Crazy C?
Drop that shit and play that bullshit, mane
Hold on to yo edumacation
Hold on to yo edumacation
Yipes, yipes
Hold on, grab on, hold on