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Artist: Consequence f/ John Legend, Kanye West
Album:  Take 'Em to the Cleaners
Song:   So Soulful
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[Intro: Kanye West]
Yeah. DC. Stand up for your boy ? Oh, I go by the name of Kanye To The
The Roc is in the building. And as far as I'm concerned
we're about to bring that real soul back to the game
John Legend on the backgrounds by the way. Let's go

[Verse One: Kanye West]
From what I hear Kanye is killing that game very bad
My girl rockin' the little lamb that Mary had
Little bit of ghosta style mixed with Mosta style
I'm versatile, I'm the poster child
Gettin' cheese so I'm supposed to smile
Get it?
We making hits like Sosa now
Hit it!
And I, hate when girls actin' boushie as hell
And I already seen 'em naked like Blu Cantrell
If I talk to people like they stupid as hell
Do that mean God gonna make my kids stupid as well?
Our Father, please for give me
I am sinner, slash winner, slash soul inventor

[Chorus: Kanye West]
It's so soulful man [x3]
And when you hear, swear it feel like soul food man

[Verse Two: Uncredited]
Look, my mommy don't be playin' cause she know I got my game intact
I spit them lines that make a rapper have a brain attack
And chickens know I'm gonna do it like I wanna do it
And miscommunication, no we never run into it
I got chicks like Samone and Colla
Stay with lip gloss and Fendi bag beside her
And your girl said she ain't ready for me
I'm in love so mommy got me singin' Teena Marie
High above the Giovanni, she ain't Gucci or Prada
Climbin' in the Mirada, studin' like a scholar
So I don't even bother
I be poppin' my collar
I can get into your soul when I call you tomorrow


[Verse Three: John Legend]
I know you gotta lot of stress today
Let's hit the party like we just got paid
Now if you really want to get away 
Say yeah, yeah
Got people on your back constantly
And you never get a second for free
You know you gotta get away with me
So say yeah, yeah

[Verse Four: Consequence]
Yo, I'ma worry bout the trades and ballin'
I'm gonna trade it all
I'd rather catch up on my paper and evade them all
You sore losers picked the wrong guy to take a fall
I probably train and fall 
For what they made in the fall
Made it to a never-quite-was to an overnight buzz
Cause the way I flip a metaphor, nobody quite does
By the time I leave the club
I'm weighing the pros and cons
Cause she must have been a pro the way she approach the Cons
And Con man is an army
Money boss on
We so big be hoppin' out when I'm tryin' to do my laundry
But I ain't even sorry for the way I get my doe
Cause J, Kanye and Con got that food for your soul, go!


[John Legend]
Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah