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Artist: Consequence f/ Kanye West
Album:  Don't Forget 'Em 12"
Song:   Don't Forget 'Em (Remix)
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[Intro: Kanye]
I hope you forget me now. Forget me not. I won't forget you ever, ever

Man I promise. After this remix. Forget Red Lobster
Cause I got reservations at Mr. Chow's tonight
And you can get any, and I mean anything that you want
Cause I'm about to bang 'em in the head with this paper. Word

[Chorus: Kanye West]
So if you make that money boy
They say don't you forget 'em [x4]
Don't forget 'em, don't don't forget 'em [3]
So don't forget 'em, Quence let's go get 'em

[Verse One: Consequence]
It wasn't until I got money
That I became a conscious rapper
Cause now I'm conscious of the fact of who they gonna go after
When they finally find a back up for a team in the park
Till they run up on my car before I can even park
But I guess there is no harm in hearin' out his proposal
But how you wanna stack when we aren't even social?
See if this is the kind of track I try to say no to
They gonna trash talk all about me like a garbage disposal
And saying that I changed like dress rehearsal
And try to line me in with the intent to hurt you
But that ain't nothing more than the test of virtue
Yo my promise to the Lord is that I'll never desert you
For years I was swingin' that air
Instead of a wing and a prayer
But can't see on the wings of a Lear
Now they kickin' themselves because they should have stuck with 'em
It's Cons to the Quence and you won't won't forget 'em uh

So if you make that money boy
They say don't you forget 'em [x4]
So don't forget 'em, don't don't forget 'em [3]
So don't forget 'em, Yay let's go get 'em

[Verse Two: Kanye West]
When I finally get my first real money
Keepin' it real, I'm gonna act real funny
Cause these dudes try to Sanford & Son me
Sit there and act like a big dummy
A&Rs saw what they could get from me
I just do what B.I.G. said, go ahead Get Money
Had to humble myself just to play these beats
One of my side Gemini's just reminded me
About, the two ways 
How you bein' a contact
They laugh for two days when they heard that Kan rap
Cocky ass rappers ain't need no contracts
Now they fell off and they need a contract
Ha, it's funny how I got what I got
And I ain't never seen it get quite beyond that
I got a chip that won't quit
A grudge that won't budge
These niggas give you pounds and go in for a hug
Naw homie hold up
Naw dude slow up
Y'all ain't never show love
You ain't never no us
No nigga, no sir
Uh, I gotta bounce here comes my chauffeur