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Artist: Consequence f/ Paula Campbell, Statik Selektah
Album:  Inside a Change Soundtrack
Song:   Closer 
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* - Statik Selektah produces in this song

[Chorus: Paula Campbell]    
The closer I get to yoooooou... (The closer I get to yooo-ooou...)
The more you make me seeeee...  (Oooh-oooh-ooooh...)
By giving me all you goooot...  (Oooh, baby, baby, baby..)
Your love has captured me...    (Ohh-ooh-ooh...)

[Consequence - Verse 1ne]
Bein a mother is a job, that's really never done
And I'm the first to admit I ain't been a perfect son
But truly on this day when you celebrate life
I think about the wrongs that I need to make right
But all the time you struggled, and sacrificed it ALL
Just to make sho' we had jackets in the fall
And I clearly recall you livin in pain
From years of takin two buses, and ridin a train
But like a elevator UP, we eventually bound
and headin for a place where success is found
And since, you gave me direction and the test is now
The last thing I wanna do is let you down
So what do you give somebody that'll give you anything?
Never ask for nuttin, but gave you everything
And that's the kinda love you ain't supposed to forget
So the longer that I'm gone, the closer I get!


[Consequence - Verse 2wo]
I guess I have to wonder what you wishin when you blow out the candles
'Cause livin how we livin had been so hard to handle
But since you made me always lead by example
If I gotta go to prison, then it's more than worth to gamble
To get you everything that your heart could desire
'Cause that's the part that causes my heart to be inspired
And that's the spark that causes my thoughts to reach higher
So if it cost {?} then I walk through the fire
I admire your will, and your honesty's fresh
You taught me to be real and never follow the rest
So we could talk about anything you wanna address
'Cause like Beyonce show, I'm seein "mamma knows best"
And wouldn't hesitate to put a child in his place
So the least that I could do is put a smile on ya face
And that's the type of love you ain't s'posed to forget
So the longer that I'm gone, the closer I get! You!


[Consequence - Interlude]
If it ever feel like I'm far away...
Just know, that I'm closer than you think
And if you REALLY really need me
All you gotta do is look inside ya heart