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Artist: Common f/ Cee-Lo
Album:  Universal Mind Control
Song:   Make My Day
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[Chorus: Cee-Lo]
Ah, the sun is shining brighter
'cause you really make my day
Yeah, you really make my day
Yeah, I think I like her
'cause she really makes my day
Yeah, she really makes my day

[Common - Verse 1ne]
Seen her on the beach, she was wrapped in a towel
Her body's so endowed, seen her ass cracked a smile
Enjoyin the Nile, take it, the breeze in 
on some cat and mouse and she was, just cheesein 
The sun eased in our conversation
"California Dreamin'" now "Californication"
Said she had some drinks in the cooler and I had an invitation
If I wanted I could brew up, this is just an indication
of how cool she was 
A couple chicks came up with the groupie love
They ain't want no pictures, only to be hugged
I'm thinkin DAMN, damn, that's really cool because
Sometimes I wanna chill
Sometimes the best things in life are not in ya plans
You came to the sand and got, more than a tan
Baby girl, I'm a man and we can do this my way
Take a ride on the highway and pretend like it's Friday and it is


[Common - Verse 2wo]
She was at a barbecue
Pretty painted nails, she took off her shoes
She was 'show and tell' like it was grammar school
Sippin on some L, I'm thinkin, "Man, she cool!"
Sun smilin on her hair
Hey, they playin spades and we can be a pair
She had a spread on her, I can see it from her chair
I love it when it's sunny/Sonny, girl you could be my Cher
It's, Independence Day and free is in the air
We danced and danced away yo
Showed her how to step, it's like a tango
From her body angle, I can tell she like me
She got me a flav, girl you're sweet as Icee
Spicy talk, the sauce drip from my lips
Take tricks and let's dip, we can do somethin hip
Take a trip around the world in a day, play Fiona A.
Let your worries blow away like it's all okay, and it is!

[Chorus 2X]