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Artist: Common f/ Marsha Ambrosius, Bilal
Album:  The Smirnoff Signature Mix Series
Song:   The Light '08 (It's Love)
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[Common - Intro]
Shout outs to J Dilla
Just Blaze...
It's love...Common...

[Common - Verse 1ne]
I never knew a love, love, a love like this
It's sorta like the love that's played in tennis
Limitless, when intimate friends express it
I talked to the Most, and I know he blessed it
The cadence of destiny, patience, and ecstacy
we can be fresh on the, cover of Ebony
But this is somethin special we ain't tryna exploit
wit a couple a actresses, now I'm in the tabloids
Like bad boys, real love moves in silence
About out bih'ness, family bih'ness stay private
Don't sweat the small stuff girl, cause we both giants
I looked into your eye's and I see divine vibrance
The way that Prince, Minnie Rip' and Joni Mitch' described it
A beautiful package, what's even better is inside it
Alive with the feelings that I'm feelin' with you
Forever became real, but even realer with you - it's love

[Chorus: Marsha Ambrosius]
It's love, it's love everytime I think about your smile
Anytime I need you by my side, you were there for me
'cause you are THE LIGHT, that shiiiiines
and I want the world to see, that you are THE LIGHT
that shines, you are my life

[Common - Verse 2wo]
It's important we communicate
and watch this relationship illuminate the world
Black pearl in you is a lover and friend
Picture how your name will sound with the last name Lynn
Put a prayer in the air, that it never'll end
and if so, when we come back, it'll be better again
I will be by your side through the smile & laughs,
The child we have, even when the clouds is bad
I know your heart had been broken by a love that pass
and when you're not lookin, that's when love can grab
Sometimes you gotta ask, "Are we movin too fast?"
Ain't no limit to a love, that's given from above
Mean fish, collard greens, corn bread, you be rockin it
Similar values, though in many ways we opposite
Attracted to your 'uh', and the way that you be poppin it
Brighten my life reminded me to stay positive - it's love


[Common - Verse 3hree]
It's kinda fresh you listen to more than hip-hop
Pop, rock, and Green Day, respectin what the King say
For me to give a ring, hey, only a queen may
Invites to loved ones, imagine a dream day
Walkin down the aisles sayin vows, us eternal.
Til thus do us, for now we stay fertile
Chicka-uh, chicka-uh, chicka-chicka-ta uh
Let's keep creatin baby, what we makin' is love

[Bridge: Bilal]
Love is like a melody
Looked into her eyes and see
A night that shines as bright as day
All my troubles drift away,
The liiiiight, the liiiight, the liiiight
(Looked into her eyes and see)
The liiiiiight, the liiiiight, the liii-hiii-hi-hiiiiight


{Marsha Ambrosius harmonizes as "Once again, it's the light!" is scratched}

[Just Blaze]
You have somebody...don't be embarrassed, don't be afraid
Put 'em close, let 'em know..
You might not get another chance, trust!

(There is a liiiight, that shiiiines...ooooooh whoooooo-whoooa...)