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Artist: Common f/ BJ The Chicago Kid, Gucci Mane, Pusha T
Album:  Forever Black America Again (s)
Song:   Forever Black America Again
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[Gucci Mane]
Come look into the eyes of a man named Gucci
Got me peepin out the blinds like Malcolm with the Uzi
The government, the church, and the world is so polluted
They callin me a criminal when I'm a revolution
Woke up in a prison cell and I had a revelation
That my life's a testimony, I could be an inspiration
From the 6 to the Chi, got so much in common
Gucci Mane and Common, did you see this comin?? (no!)
+Nigga Wit a Attitude+, +100 Miles and Runnin'+
I done did some things so dirty that I wish I never done it
+All Eyez On Me+, +Amerikaz Most Wanted+
It's so hard to be a black man in a white man country
Product of the slums with rich white folks' money
And the police got no love for me, but I'm not scared of NOTHIN (no!)
Mass incarcerate us, man and then they call it justice (What?!)
"Gucci how you feel?" I'm so tired of the fuck shit (Wop)

[Chorus: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Look me in my face, if you wanna know
I'll take you to a place, I know you wanna go
Black America, yeah
Black America

The Black diaspora, supreme math into the after
Life, I live it for the master
Truck drivers passed us, like Jeremiah and Jasper
Children of Zimbabwe and Madagascar
Africa unite, we on the move like runaway slaves through the night
I write, "Freedom ain't far"
My North Star's more than a sports car
Taught by the ancestors who fought for our
Liberation army, Islam palmed me and calmed me
So the world couldn't blonde me, lectures by Kwame Ture
The ambiance of pan-Africanism
A man after wisdom of the ancients
I paint with words like the brushes of Kehinde Wiley
Black and proud, we wild, we wowed the world
with Black magnificence, a symphony for the divine
And we the instruments, black innocence


[Pusha T]
I confess, I've been part of the problem
As of lately, I'm tryna solve 'em
I sold dope and I still talk the jargon
Just like Malcolm 'fore the X was on him
All these years later, we still the target
Look at Ferguson, Brooklyn and Charlotte
Sellin CDs, reachin for wallets
Trayvon'd be in his last year of college
I still mourn for Christopher Wallace
What happened in Dallas does not give me solace
So I acknowledge my flaws, apolig'
+Hey Young World+, just givin you the knowledge
...The knowledge