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Artist: Colt Ford
Album:  Chicken & Biscuits
Song:   We Like to Hunt
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Gather round ya'll it's your redneck friend
I'm bout to show em how a country folks does it again
Ain't nothin' changed since you seen me last
Still livin' kinda slow, still talkin' kinda fast
Chasin' them turkeys, eatin' beef jerkey
Hangin' out down at the lake
Lookin' at Emmylou with a two piece on
And ain't nothin' on that girl fake
We don't need much here but fishin' poles and guns
And trucks with four wheel drives
Cause I'm into everything, to hear hank sing
Lord country folks can survive
We need to get on back to the simple life
And what made this country great
And that was helpin' each other lovin' our brother
Lord I just can't wait

We like to hunt (hunt)
Fish (fish)
Play out in the mud
That's the way we do round here
So now you know what's up
If you don't like what we do
Then go back to where you from
Cause we like to hunt (hunt)
Fish (fish)
Play out in the mud

We all mud dig
And love frog giggin'
Catchin' fireflies in a mayonnaise jar
Creekside kissin' and large mouth fishin'
We just can't help it that's who we are
Zebco reelin' and shotgun shootin'
Catfish fryin' and a little boot scootin'
Come on everybody let's all get down
Show the city folks our country sound
It's a hootenanny, so bring your granny
Cause we have fun round here
And you can do anything that you want to
But honey just don't spill my beer
So just pass the shine and we'll all be fine
My granddaddy made that jug
And it's two hundred proof it'll blow off the roof
Cause that's just how grandpa does


Buck huntin, lord it's somethin'
Ain't nothin' like a big ole rack
And a coon dog treeing at 3am
It might make you have a heart attack
See we love skinny dipping
Goin' cow tippin'
Huntin' a big ole hog
Dogs start runnin'
Lord that's fun
You better watch out for that log
Let get on back to the tents and trucks
So light that bonfire out
So now ya'll know that's how we roll
So please fill up my cup