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Artist: Colt Ford f/ Joe Nichols
Album:  Chicken & Biscuits
Song:   She Ain't Too Good For That
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

In her pinstriped suit she's so sophisticated
she can't help it her diploma got her makin 200k
while she's cruising in a jet black benz 
he can sip expensive wine and nibble cheese on a cracker
in a pair of heels she climbs that corporate ladder
but those go out the window but those go out the window on the weekend

That's when she drives barefeet likes to eat chicken with her fingers
catch her down at wallys bar she's quiet the country singer
she'll go cat fishing skinny dipping at the drop of a cowboy hat
she ain't too good for that

In a Monday morning meeting she smokes the competition
she's been known to dig an art exhibition
Bethoven polo and now and then a good horse race
she'll turn the nasdaq into cash like she's a magician
knows politics better than a politician
but she'd rather talk baseball anyday wanna play

[Repeat Chorus]

She can say isn't or she can say ain't
you can tell her she can but don't tell her she can't

[Repeat Chorus]