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Artist: Color Changin' Click
Album:  The Army
Song:   No Sentences
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(* 50/50 Lil' Twin Talking *)
50 the fuck -
I'ma finna simply, and plainly -
Show you boys how I ball -
I'ma tryna my hardest not to use any fuckin' sentences -

[50/50 Lil' Twin]
Hoes, dimes, quarters, fine
Head, mouth, brain, mind
SLAB's with, twanks, bang
Screens, fell up, grain swang
Niggaz, gangsters, thugs, killers
Hustlers, go getters, slangers, dealers
Block, fiends, laws, hot
Scorchin', ring, wet, rocks
Twin, gon', long, add
Feel bad, unhappy, pissed off, sad
Cash, bundles, stack, wads
Spend it, blow it, flash it, knots
Jewlrey, bling, gleam, glow
Shine, sparkle, glisten, whoa
Paid In Full, Ro, Rasaq, Cat
Koopa, Hatter, Paul Wall, J. Mack
Russaw, Montana, Max, P. Shon
Lamar, Crush, Mack, Damon
Purple, gallons, cases, pints
8th's, mud, lean, drank
Tip-down, show-up, stroll, crawl
Pop, unlock, close, fall
Aquarium, red lobster, spin a top, 4 season
Grubbin', munchin', chow-down, eatin'
Vacation, Alaska, Rome, Australia
Russia, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Asia

[Chorus - 50/50 Lil' Twin]
Color Changin' so cold with this pen and shit
We can do a rap with no sentences
Tell me what hood is up in this bitch
Hold up ya knot, if you grip ya stick
Flash a few rocks, if ya wrist is lit
Drop-drop it like it's hot if you the thickest bitch
Put ya hands high if you feel this shit

Mean, cocky, do it myself
A asshole stuck up, full of myself
Rappin', cappin', actin' big screens
Movie, lime-light, yung kid big dreams
Hoes, sluts, freaks, fuck em'
Niggaz pay, creep, bust em'
Glocks, SK's, murk whoever
I'ma pimp my hoes will fuck whoever
Dollars, cash, bring it don't talk it
Grindin', master-mindin' I'm bout it
My brain, quick, plus on drugs
Heart, cold, close no love
Dice, shake, bitch, blow
Squat, roll, snap, collect dough
Niggaz, pissed, me, relaxed
Call me cut-throat, stay poppin' where ya at
Bob, weave, duck, swing
Connect, drop, pick up this thing
Boys, trippin', confused bout me
I'm real, fa'sho, 100 I'ma G
Texas, down south Screw, SLAB
Wussup now, what it do, dab
Hand-shake, 'nod, hug
Real Recognize Real, down south love
Feel, good, body rock
Southside, left right then drop
Man, huh!, what's the damn deal
Sippin' on drank and I'm gon' off pills
Cash, family, business, and work
Anything else is small shit and put god first
Range, Rover, you know me
Color Changin' Click cuttie, NoBody!  - G'yeah


Candy, paint, liters, gallons
Rings, chain, piece, medallions
Wheels, 5th, hundreds, bills
Ice, wrist, shine, grill
SLAB's, blue, black, red
Cab, bread, good, head
Buck, hyde, trunk, wide
Slide, doves, North, Side
Grands, bucks, SLAB's, trunks
Hand, crushed like a damn, slush
Dips, whips, coupes, V's
Lips, sip, C-U-P's
Kicks, clothes, oh vogues
Swangs, bang, marble flows
(Breathing Hard 2x), catch, breath
Leather, screens, head, rest
Un, Lock, trunk, pop
Head, bob, trunk, knock
Reclined, back, ride, blades
My, ass, side, ways
Kicks, clothes, o's, vogues
Swang, bang, marble flows
Slugs, tat's, braids, hats
Lac, back, hood on the map
Paint, wet, dame's, get
Hanes, neck, brains, wet
Rasaq, block, ghetto, status
Flossin', ballin', 'fetti, have it


Koopa, mic, choice, freestyle write
Me, wedding light youngster, u-p pants fight
Suck, pipe, girls jock and just kneal
SLAB, backseat, mattress on wheels
Mind, taste, terrible thing to waste
Neckbrace, let me penetrate face
Gums, jaws, tongue, tooth
Uggh!-Uggh!, skeet, oops
Rag top roof down look up, weather
Roof up, screens rain, weather look better
Watts, Ron, Swishahouse, North
Screw, inventor, Greg tape South
Plex, none, over, done
Arguements, dumb, fightin' over crumbs
World, mine, take it, thanks
Promynthezine, Lean, H-Town dranks
Stained, shirt, nigga what's new
Throw-ahead shoes, 22's too
Sony, Def Jam, Universal what?
Umm, who is it?, call back, hang up
Tires, swangs, side, ways
Trunk, raise, bye-bye wave
Lester, Archie, A.D.-Pic-O
But niggaz can't hate them throwback flows throwed
Live, stay, 7-1 tre'
Spanish brauds say Koopa "eg' y' me'nte"
Koopa, holla, she know like
Obvious, both ways that hoe dike
Broke, sike, niggaz got jokes
Heater, toast, funny nigga roast
84's 30's, D's, spokes
Sets, invicible ear neck and wrist boast
Na'm, sayin', man, sayin'
Trunk raise like crane, bang-bang-bang
It's the King Koopa freestylin' off the head
Throw in there yeah

(*50/50 Lil' Twin Talking*)
Tippin' down, tilted wide open on boys
Yall niggaz is crazy man, Color Changin' Click
In here just havin' fun with it baby