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Artist: Color Changin Click
Album:  Homer Pimpson
Song:   Me & My Money
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[Chorus: Chamillion]
Hold up maaane
Watch me come down in new riiiides mane
Watch me swang wide with when my riiiide change
Colors, it ain't a thang, we twistin and grippin grain
In love with my Money man
And my name, is Chamillionaire
And I'm ridin swangz
To seaport, ?? I can't toller man
Grindin is in mt range, and that will never change
In Love with my Money man

I show her off and let the groupies know that she's in my life
When I'm a Billionaire, I'll make her permenitly my wife
There's a period every month, when I don't get to touch her
But after 4 or 5 days it's over, fiending to clutch her
Schemeing to bust a - nut please, don't be a nut
Cause only a nut, would try to put his hands on my slut
See boys know I'm wit her but still try to holler at her
Alot of guys had her but them other guys don't matter
Them guys was chatter
And to tell the truth, I would rather
Let them dream, but at the end of the day, I would have her
Her size is fatter, but truthfully I like her thick
I'm in the club, holding her, takin pictures with my chick
Forget a groupie, she's there after every show
We're makin love after the club, she tells me I'm so
Good at gettin her to cum, and she comes often
She comes when I'm grinding, she comes when I'm flossin
If you havent figured it out yet, my money's my honey
My honey's my money, "In God We Trust" tatted on her tummy
You could never take her from me, I never decieve her
Her last name is Franklin, her cousin is Visa
Believe the relationship I speak on is real
I'm in love with my money, My girlfriend is the dollar bill
Hold up....Hold up.....Hold up......It's Koopa


The gold diggers want her, but they can't have her
When I'm on the block with her? NOPE, they can't grab her
I love to flash her, she's so sexy
But if your lookin at her, you better look right past her
Went to my church - made a disater
Fought with my pastor, he tried to make me pass her
As an offering, Yall I'm telling yall
It took the holy ghost just to keep me up off of him
I prayed to the lord, sat down and talked to him
Before I knew it, them dollars came walkin in
Climbed up my pockets and hopped right in
This is a true story, no I'm not lyin
Since a day old, Been all about my Mayo
We chill up in the cut, yep, we gotta lay low
We makin babies, a bunch of little her's
No girls, just little zero's, all that I perfer
She sit on my lap, Next to my barrel
In English her names Dollar, in spanish it's Dinero
She's so bilingual
But it don't matter, anythign that she speaks? YEP that's my Lingo
Could you picture me with out a girlfriend
Without no Franklins, Lookin like I'm single?
Sike - picture me with a wife, a neck full of ice
Hangin just like some Shingle's