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Artist: Color Changin Click f/ Lil Boo
Album:  Homer Pimpson
Song:   Can't Be Stopped
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It's Chamillion and Rasaq and we can't be stopped
2 brothers,too clever to ever be knocked
this is soo soo gutta oops did I say that twice?
the chrome mouth made me st-st-stutta
some girls say we look like each other
some girls say we rap and sing a hook like each other
well being that we're brothers that does make since
that's why we make dollars and them boys make cents
rappings a sport if you ain't convinced
that's why I'm in the booth and some niggas on the bench
and I'm like A-I I'm thugged out,my pants saggin
and Ay-I gotta stay fly,Ay-I gotta go,gotta make pies
been makin rhymes since I was waist high
Ay-I gotta,go gotta break guys
only 5'8 but I act like I'm 8'5
Ay-I gotta make dough watch my cake rise
gotta bankroll that could make my money get jealous
I hop in the drop looking like a big bunny with lettuce
dullshocks look like 20-inch propellars
not popeye but I got my spinach fellaz when the rims
are spinnin fella look like 4-glass feet
they call me Spindarella

It's time for a Horror Flick who wanna be the next sequel?
got beef on wax I'm the wrong nigga to speak to
I drop a cd called "I See Dead People"
and you're carrer will be dead by the next sequel
I been rich cock the minute your chick got
the news that he was rich she hitched on to his cock
Koopa greet a anger boyfriend wit his fist pop
infact nigga get smacked for knock,knockin at his block
rich and rude believe me it's so true
you're pockets flat as Eve's face from a Profile fued
if your Jersey's a throw back then its from 1922
then I guess the car you riding in is a throw back too
and if that's a throw back then I guess I am "throwed forward"
so gorgeous,no spoils,and both doors is
missing door handles ain't ballin like yo boy is
oh Lord its you duckin in a Ford Tarus
no Chorus,Ay I'm wit you brother
we both looking kind of like a Pen-And-Pixil cover
too many diamonds girl I'm too rich to love ya
dich the chick I'm cheatin with to get wit mysterious mother
I'm so gutta,don't love her,believe me its no biggy
get mo money,mo problems even with no biggie
you want give me my respect its cool,its no biggy
repo-man with the gat I'll give you back what you want give me
no biggie,Bad boy,Notorious,and Big
was Notorious and Big and Bad Boy my crib
I don't know if your pockets as fat or not
but what you spending I could prolly spend a fact or not
the mix tape God homie the mix tapes I got
got me a bigger street congergation then the Pastor got,A Men

(talking:Lil Boo)
Uhh Wassup? It's Lil Boo
up in here with the Color Changin Click
fa real only 13 years old Hold up.
big thangs in this underground label
fa real,Listen

(Lil Boo)
Stick ya hand in my wallet its Lil Boo you don't know?
I bet you go for Jacksons like the Lakers head coach
I went to Astro World they wouldn't let me in the gate
cause the platinum in my mouth made the metal dector shake
I'm eatin shrimps,and steak
when I'm old enough to date Beyonce,Kelly on my list
but Michelle gonna have to wait
the hell with sprewells I'm sittin on Scott' Pippens
tell them to quit traveling the rims will not listen
hmm.the plot thinking the last line was a lie
cause I'm only 13 and I ain't old enough to drive
it ain't no surprise Koopa put me on this tape
cause I been wreckin the hot line and demo tapes since I was 8
Hold up maan wait did you see me on cribs?
no,Lil Romeo I gotta crib as big as his
I'm out that Acres Home I represent for the North
on Bobby Booshay 2 I'll be back I'm signing off,what!

(talking: Lil'Boo)
yeah its Lil Boo my nigga Lil Trey got 2 years
you coming out soon for real
my nigga 50/50 got 45
its rough times out here for real
Color Changin Click Koopa's out
Paul Wall,Lew Hawk,50/50
all my niggas for real

(talking:Paul Wall)
Color Changin Click D.J Paul Wall
be sure to be on the look out for Bobby Booshay pt.2
and that Homer Pimpson pt.2
April 22nd I'm dropping my solo album
Paul Wall-The Chic-Magnet
and Chamillionaire dropping his solo album"The Color Changin Lizard"
we dropping both our solo albums on the same day
April 22nd and we ain't trippin
sip the Skeet chase wit ya boy if you wanna find out where to get
any of the cd's from holla at us on
and we'll let you know whats the closes store near you
anybody tryna get on one of our cd's or be down wit us
heres ya chance we got a contest going on
log on to and sign up for the mailing list
we gonna email you the instructions
it's goin down baby,log on to its that simple
ya knah I'm talkin bout we ain't trippin sign up for the mailing list
and we gonna send you all the details you need to know
we ain't trippin Paul Wall,Chamillionaire the Color Changin Click
and we ain't playing wit these boys we just Homer Pimpson