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Artist: Cold Crush Brothers
Album:  Old School Classics
Song:   Yvette (Live at Danceteria 1983) by Cold Crush Brothers
   [Grandmaster Caz]
   It was a long time ago but I'll never forget
   I got caught in the bed with a girl named Yvette
   I sure got scared like hell but I got away
   That's why I'm here tellin' y'all today
   I was outside of a school rappin' to a fox
   A crowd of people all around listenin' to my box
   Just me and the fans, and some guys from my crew
   Chillin' hard cos we had nothin' better to do
   It was me, JDL, AD and The All
   Then I slipped away to make a phone call
   To this very day it was a move I regret
   But I didn't know then so I called Yvette
   I said, "Hello pretty mama, it's your lover man"
   She said, "Baby, come over as quick as you can"
   I said, "I can't come now, fellas comin' to get me"
   Then she said, "I'm all alone, there's nobody with me"
   I thought for a second, 'Oh shit, she's alone!'
   Then I was knockin' at her door before she hung up the phone
   She let me in the house and gave me a kiss
   And said, "Give me that thing that you know I miss"
   So we went into her room and we got high
   But she couldn't keep her hand from off my fly
   So I made her lock the door and went to check it
   When I came back in she was totally naked
   That was my cue to do the do
   I took my clothes off and started on the prove
   Well I was tearin' shit up, and 'bout a quarter to three
   She said, "Caz! Somebody's comin'!"
   I said, "Yeah, me!"
   Then the door bust open, and there was her folks
   I thought, 'Damn, they coulda waited 'til I finished my stroke'
   Her mother was in shock, her father reached on the shelf
   Pulled down the .45, I almost shit on myself!
   Said, "Please don't shoot!" and pleaded my case
   Said, "You'd have done the same thing if you was in my place
   But if you spare my life, believe me friend!
   You'll never see me 'round your daughter again"
   Don't ask me why but he let me leave
   I ran thirty-seven blocks, then I stopped to breathe
   Gave thanks to God he wasn't too upset
   And went home and thought about poor Yvette
   He must of beat her ass with everything I assume
   Cos I could hear the girl screamin' all the way in my room
   Even though I don't see Yvette no more
   I know she ain't as fine as she was before.
*  Note: This track also appears (with slightly different lyrics) on the
   Wild Style O.S.T ("Cold Crush Live at the Dixie") [Animal Records 1983]