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Artist: Cold 187um (Big Hutch)
Album:  The Only Solution
Song:   Capitol Hill
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I look across this historic gathering and I see the future of America


It will determine our strength in seperating those who would harm us 
From those who contribute to our value

[Cold 187um]
Yeah mo'fucker I got you now [loads the sniper rifle]
Easy, Easy

And today

[Cold 187um]

We stand together as brothers and sisters to shape America's destiny

[Verse 1:Cold 187um]
Woo, Some think they above the law
Some be thinking fuck everybody and have it all
Uh, Just because the position that they in
At everybody else expense they should win
They don't think they'll ever get caught
They can't comprehend the thought
Follow me now ha 
Senator Jones is the topic at hand
I don't know how anybody can respect this man
Listen, He the worst that anybody could know
Doing all kind of madness, Way on the down low
He a snake perpetrating as a senator
Wonder why ya whole state's in a big dilemma
It's a shame in who we gotta trust
And when they get in office, It's us they fuck 
Damn, In three minutes he'll be gone
The assassination of Senator Jones

You up on Capitol Hill, Hustling and stealing money
I'm bout to pop in my clip, I'm bout to bust on ya
You up on Capitol Hill, Cheating and living skanless
I'm bout to pop in my clip, And get my business handled

[Verse 2: Cold 187um] 
He a snake, He a cheat, He a low down rat
And what i'ma hit em wit ain't no question he ain't coming back
Let me put you up on Senator Slick
He sprung on kiddie porn and all kind of sick shit
He the one you elected and sold ya hope
Tellin ya lies just to get a vote
Politicians is so slimy
They nothing like gangstas, They're way mo grimy
Senator Jones got a wife and a child
But he's still out buying prostitutes and running wild
Is that what ya tax money paid fo?
Coke, E, and Five thousand dollar hoes?
Everybody just roll wit the flow
We give all the power to these people that we don't know
In two minutes he'll be gone
The assassination of Senator Jones


[Verse 3: Cold 187um]
I set up post at a low key spot
Right across from his condo, A perfect shot
Time's up for mister do low
I'ma hit him quick wit the rifle but he gon die slow
And ain't nobody gonna miss him
He got a whole lotta folks gon be glad that I hit him
Split him, Get him out the way
Some people think he don't deserve to live another motherfucking day
He evil and he filled wit hate
Only thing they gon mourn is his child and his wife Kate
His whole life full of lies
He thought he was untouchable wit all his political ties
Now he gon feel the wrath and pay the price
For all the bullshit he did in his life
In one second uh, He'll be done
The assassination of Senator Jones has just begun


After great success in DC
Cold 187 was apprehended by federal agents in Los Angeles
Will this be the demise of The Psychopathic Assassin?
Or will he walk away free to work once again?