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Artist: Cold 187um (Big Hutch)
Album:  The Only Solution
Song:   Born 2 Kill
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Welcome to the legacy of Cold 187
The first chapter of the ongoing saga that is The Psychopathic Assassin
This is the only solution

[Verse 1: Cold 187um]
This is a story that can only be told by me
A psychopathic assassin is what I was raised to be
Some might say it's in my DNA
Cause I don't give a fuck about taking you out on any given day
It could be a holiday or your birthday
Ain't no feelings when I'm on a mission it's business I let it spray
You wanna take a journey wit me? 
You wanna take a ride on the darkside? Then let it be 
My posses are killers so what that make me?
A son of a bad motherfucker that'll purely put you to sleep
See I was told to take the mark out fast
No questions asked, Just do it clean and leave no witnesses
Grew up to have no emotions, No matter what the mission is
Cause when you do, You can't handle your business
I guess I am what I am and that's forever real
You can hate it or accept it, Born to kill

[Chorus: Cold 187um]
No matter what you live fo', Life is murder, Everybody in life is, Bout the gain
I was never taught to, Show emotion, Everybody gotta die, All the same
I hit you wit the 40 glock, Pull the trigger, Cold blood in my veins, Frozen cold
See I was never taught to, Show emotion, See every motherfucker can be bought and sold

[Verse 2: Cold 187um]
I remember before I really learned my ABC's
I was on a mission wit my pops when he was grinding in the streets
Pretty soon he laced me on the game he play
He was a cat that they call on when you want the real problems to go away
Him and my uncle Mo-Naz The Black Swan taught me the tricks of the trade
And how to get paid
Some days, I used to go on hits wit em
You'd be surprised how they let they guards down when a kid's wit em
I hit my first mark when I was 10
After that shit, I ain't been the same again
Ohhh far as I know, Everybody got a price on they head
Sometimes a motherfucker better off dead
It's like Black Swan told me
When your number is up youngsta you're sure to die lonely
And the game gets colder
I hit you wit the thang thang and knock ya head off your shoulders
Born to kill


[Verse 3: Cold 187um]
When you born to kill, Ain't no value for life 
[Born to kill!] And when greed and envy set in, It can't be nothin nice
Pops and Uncle Swan made a score of they life
[Born to kill!] So much paper they'll be set for life
Or maybe twice or three times fold
It happened when I was 13 years old
Kicked in the do', Everybody on the flo'
Made it look like a robbery, Everybody gotta go
Grabbed the cash hit the highway fast
Lay low, Let a little time pass
That hit was for a few mil
And y'all look, This is when the story gets too ill
My pops and Black Swan thick as thieves
But Swan got greedy wanted all the cheese
He felt he didn't wanna share no mo'
Shot my pops point blank, Smashed out wit the dough
Born to kill [Born to kill!] He should've shot me too
Cause I'm a young killer comin after you
Born to kill [Born to kill!] Until ya six feet deep
Til ya die motherfucker, I won't sleep
Born to kill [Born to kill!] You should've shot me down
Cause I won't stop til you dead in the ground
Born to kill [Born to kill!] In my father's name
I'ma cock the hammer back and blow out ya brains
Born to kill [Born to kill!] I'ma have yo head
Black Swan you a motherfucker better off dead
Born to kill [Born to kill!] Born to kill [Born to kill!]
Born to kill, Born to kill, Born to kill, Born to kill

[Police Chief] 
Alright, Alright what do we got here?

Male, Black, Murder by fatal gunshot
It seems to be an inside job 
No signs of a break-in
And it's real fucked up cause we got a lone 13 year old kid in there
Who apparently seen the whole thing but he's not talking

[Police Chief]
Ah ok fine!
Finish investigating the scene, Have a full report on my damn desk in the morning

What about the kid Chief?

[Police Chief]
I don't know he's probably pretty fucked up from what he saw
Just leave him to the damn state let him be their fucking problem

And now, The Psychopathic Assassin 
Present day...