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Artist: Code Blue f/ Sen Dog (Cypress Hill)
Album:  Premature (Ahead of the Times)
Song:   I'm a Rhydah
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(Sen Dog)
Verse 1:
Vengo de la calle from those mean streets
Me oye compadre I don't get beat
Southgate sureno barrio de Cypress
La razas most blunted
The worlds highest 
Soy Sen Dog de Los Angeles 
Puro kush homie nada but the best
Get my clown on puro payasadas
Chasing them chicks im down for them damas
Latin legacy that be my crew
Down with Wiliam Dinero, Stalyn and Code Blue
Que bolas seres? Dile con suerte
That's cubano for whats happening homie
Yo te cuido I got your back
Porque ay too many haters and that shits wack
Just so you know no mas pa que tu sepas
Go against me
Bides de bajo tierra

I'm a rhydah
All I ever known was streets
My whole life I've been real strong surviving on my own two feet
Cause I'm a rhydah ohh ohh
Cause I'm a rhydah ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh

(William Dinero)
Verse 2:
Vengo desde el norte la calle fria,
Screwface capitals where I be at
Catch a flight to Cali ask Sen Dog to meet me at
L-A-X im loving the west with my Jays fitted hat 
Im reppin 
Costa a costa
Barrio a barrio
De Toronto, Ontario soy el socio empresario
Rodiado por los latin thugs, soy puro callejero
Cypress Hill, Code Blue guerrilleros
What you know about bodegas, playas y las  hevas? 
Barbacoas, mareros tirando las letras?
Las esquinas, las cantinas, grindin on the block, hittin up on the vesinas? 
Its all the same sangre Latina running through my veins
Dipping in a caddy switching lanes
Hitting switches g thang
La vida es bien corta 
You could never tell or be promised a tomorrow so you got to live it well


Verse 3:
Oh Padre mio'Que Estas En el Cielo
Perdoname por todo lo que he hecho
Life is painfull po eso me elevo
Quiebro lo dedos como Cholio Sureno
Centro Americano, Mexicanos, Caribenos
United in A Brand New Day This Aint No Sueno
Comprendtion?  I want Cali-Fornication 
If You're A Loc-Out Chola you Don't need an application 
Shit On The Competition In Every Confrentation
Soy El Joven Rey De Los Callejeros 
Guele Pega Vende chicle Mercadero 
From Managua City Slums Tramsmisting Live In Your Stereo
El govieno no Le Interesa El Ghetto Mi religion es Dinero 
le Tiro El Dedo A la Chota Por racistas y pandillero 
Down For Wateva for ever Con el Perro 
Now Give me that Banging Beat  De William Dinero


Quiero mi gente mi barrio desde Toronto a California ahh ahh ahhh Code Blue, Code Blue
Houston te amo Miami te quiero
Chicago y Nueva York tambien 
Mi gente de Maryland ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh

I'm A Rhydah (repeated)