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Artist: Capone-N-Noreaga f/ Tragedy Khadafi
Album:  The War Report
Song:   Neva Die Alone     
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[Tragedy Khadafi, through voice processor] 
Huhuhahhahahha.... oh shit! Haha... 
The invincible - CNN 
The unstoppable - CNN 
Lebanon, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria - yo, yo, yo 

Yo icepick, Arabic, Saudi Arabia 
My clique roll thick, rip shit, like WrestleMania 
Saddam Hussein - president of what I claim 
Still the same name, tied to this shit like I'm to blame 
Then maintain, gettin' this CREAM with bloodstain 
2-5-to 'cause the crew stuck in the game 
A quarterly, you vs. me, and try to slaughter me 
The door was locked - top lock stuck, bad luck 
Come out the elevator - k-tone, like "Nigga what?" 
Arab Nazi - play the low, [???] 
What up though - 151, we smoke 'dro 
Brown bags - tons of hash get smoked 
Yo that real shit - pro'ly make you bleed down your throat 
Then choke - coughin' up the murder I wrote 
I smoke spanky - hit it hard, mega hard 
Then burn it down under the ground around guard 
I rented - bitch on my dick then I presented 
Diploma - keep her wide open in TONY roma' 
Back shots - Holiday Inn about to bone her 
And cold own her - drop her off inside Corona 
With pistolo - call me tomorrow on the 'Rola 
The Ayatollah - strike back you're just a soldier 

For them thug niggas holding their gats and never scared 
I'm prepared - every day get bent on beers 
Play the corner close - quick to jump on the toast 
Dead shot - take your knot, dun and get ghost 
While you talk fronting - walk fronting like a villain 
Soft something - so hot what a feeling 
Mo' with the ice chillin' 
Roll dice make a killin' 
Wanna see twice a million 
No love for a got civilian 
Mix-a-lot in the spot yellin' 
For a second, freeze dealin' 
Back to business 
Pump 'til the pack finished 
Stack spinach 
Mad bent, crash renters 
Full enough to whip somethin' 
A-alike twist somethin' 
Henny got my shit sunken 
Stay drunken 
Wit' a bop, holdin' your cock(yeah!) 
Pushin' weed drop(hahaha!) 
Yeah the game don't stop(don't stop nigga) 
Let the beat drop 
Bring it back to the top 
Just for them thug niggas, chicks and hard rocks 
Street to cell block 
Rock to Comstock 
Movin' like a flock of Arabs in war-lock 

[Tragedy Khadafi] 
Makin' on blocks a four-carat stone 
Infrared chrome 
In Kuwait I await skull and crossbone 
In my own zone, Motorola flip-phone 
The infrared on the Giorgio Armani specs 
Blowin' tecs at the opposite sex 
For the six-figure check, my slug injects 
When the god lay to rest 
My seed is next 
I was blessed with a thug's caress 
And a dime's finesse 
Titanium chest and bubble vest 
(Yeah... titanium chest and bubble vest...) 
My pop's dead now it's too late to warn me, inform me 
D's wanna plant ki's on me 
Eternally I wanna sleep 
Without the venom of a snake nigga tryin' to creep 
Stakes is high and a thug's blood runs deep 
The Jakes wanna see me layin' under six feet 
Or so it seems, now my team work against me 
They can't stop my money move - it's too intensely 
Khadafi, I plant bombs where the Feds be 
I'm like Moses in the middle of the Red Sea 
With infrared and a case full of hundred G 
Leadin' my thugs to the land of [?Kiami?] 
With no cops, pure coke growing on the tree 
Arab Nazi 
Tommy Hill and Nikes on 
Guerrilla rap song 
Yeah- CNN guerrilla rap song