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Artist: Custom Made Gangstas f/ H.A.W.K., Bun B
Album:  If You Ain't Hungry, Don't Come to the Table
Song:   Victorious
Typed by: Lil Hustle

What's up Houston Texas, it's Custom Made Gangstas
In the building, dropping on another one on your teflon
Know what I'm talking about, got the heat ready
To say already, you know what I'm talking about

[Bun B]
I ain't never seen the top, of a slab I couldn't drop
I never seen a chromey set of blades, I couldn't chop
Never seen a fat sack, of dro I couldn't burn
No a corner, that a nigga couldn't Cadillac turn
From the land of the swisher sweets, and sipping lean too
Candy painted Cadillacs, and DJ Screw
Southside G's, representers of the real
Don't like it, we give's a fuck how you feel already

[Lil' Keke]
I do it verse for verse, I do it lick for lick
I'm just a franchise player, number one draft pick
Ok it's Dirty 3rd, and it's a hundred degrees
24's and Benz do's, blowing dro in the breeze
Take trips 'cross the world, but I rep H-Town
Exit Martin Luther King, make a right touchdown
Hit your roof and let 'em hang, when you floss in a Cheve'
And from Texas up in Florida mayn, already

Are you really, feeling good tonight (already)
Are you gon represent your hood tonight, (already)
Cause the drinks on me, and the bar tab's heavy
Scream it like you mean it, when you say (already)
Now do you got a icy piece on your chain, (already)
Well what about your watch, your wirst and your rings (already)
If it's your Lac or your Benz, or your old school Cheve'
Scream it like you mean it, when you say (already)

I'ma drop it on the belly, in my '57 Cheve'
Swanging working my jelly, while I'm screaming already
My grammar country like Nelly, my weed loud and smelly
Go on give me that girl, like Bun and Lil' Webbie
Already, I'm guiding the wheel so steady
Already, alert the Don on Nextelly
What it do, pull out the 72
Come down and come through, like we use to do
Are you really feeling good tonight, already
Cause po' a fo' in a one liter Sprite, already
Fuck it nigga put on all your ice, already
We bout to shine like disco lights, we do it right
In these H-Town streets, we don't play no game
And if you saying already, you done stole our slang
And of you ain't already, on top of your game
Then you really need to step it up mayn, already


[Lil' Keke]
We got independent cash, so the family's strong
The buzz done start popping, and the cash is on
Houston Texas on fire mayn, y'all boys ain't heard
SUV's sitting tall, ain't no scraping the curb
Let's do it vault for vault, or do it bank for bank
You can pour that cup out, boy that shit ain't drank
When the trunk is knocking, it could get drastic
I'm an underground king, everything is a classic
Bun and Don Ke, H-A-Dub we here
We laying the foundation, cause the millions are near
When everything got bad, a nigga still had his pad
Chasing after bucks, y'all chasing after fast
Already, Mr. Lee keep that thang steady
C.M.G. is hungry, my whole click ready
I'm a first class playa, when I take that flight
Screwed Up Click in the building, feeling good tonight yeah


Yeah, how you love it so far man it's a masterpiece
You know, you never thought you'd get a underground like this
Exclusive new tracks, freestyles on the way