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Artist: Custom Made Gangstas
Album:  If You Ain't Hungry, Don't Come to the Table
Song:   Hydro
Typed by: Lil Hustle

C.M.G., smoke some'ing
Hydro, getting money like it grow on trees

[Lil' C]
Now I ain't never been in love, like this with a bitch
Cause everytime I try to leave her, I like to spliff
And I'm back, like it was my first time ever
My first high ever, everytime I hit her
I get on another level, now I'm zoning
In my own world, E.T. phone home'ing
She fuck with other niggaz, so I say she do my wrong
I love it when she be around, hate when she be gone now
What did I do, to deserve this hoe
I been looking for you, calling everybody I know
A.G. say he seen you, with a nigga at the sto'
Ke said you left his spot, bout a hour ago
Now I'm thinking to myself, man this some bullshit
When I get my hands on ya, I'ma break you down bitch
And show you how to roll, and teach you how to hide
Girl you the reason, I put stash spots in the ride

Hyyyyydro, no sticks no seeds good weed
Hyyyyydro, that's all I know that's all I need is that
Hyyyyydro, blueberry or that purple shit nigga
Hyyyyydro, quit playing nigga light that shit

Yeah Mr. Gates layed back, not the first to flip
But I'm the first with a zip, of that fluffy shit
But I ain't talking bout that powder, you put in your nose
I'm talking bout, that incredible krypto smoke
I guess it's why I got incredible, krypto flow
And it's even worse when I'm rolling, with my sicko bro
That's Lil' C, and he told me he love that Afghan
And fuck customs, if we see fo' passing
Yeah, I gotta keep my sticky with me
Like I keep, my semi near me
Hear me, so go on roll up another one
And fuck a dutch, cause a cigarillo get it done
Now I don't know, what kinda weed y'all smoking
Check my sack it's lime green, like the A's from Oakland
So quit joking, and smoking that stress
I don't know about you, who smoking the best and that's that


[Lil' Keke]
I smoke dro, that shit that they grow below
And it cost a nice grip, for a ounce or mo'
Smoking on some good shit, it'll punish your throat
Gotta take off your jacket, 'fore it get in your coat
I puff pots and broccoli, no seeds and sloppy
Leaning to the side, in my white Gilloppi
Broke boys carbon copy, play high
I stay high, roll my dro and puff ly
Twisting up master kush, and blueberry buzz
Light fire, taste the love
These boys on rich nigga drugs, Crips and Bloods
Thugs with cheap prices, gallons jugs
Smoking on regular, smoking on the cegular
The grass we chief man, it's ten steps ahead of ya
Hydro, it's the only way
And I'll be rolling sweet tooth, when I'm old and grey