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Artist: C.M.G.
Album:  If You Ain't Hungry, Don't Come to the Table
Song:   Hogg Da Lane
Typed by: Lil Hustle

C.M.G., C.M.G. in here
Custom Made Gangstas, 0-6
Lil' Head, A.G. and Young Don

[Hook - 4X]
These boys, blow out brains
And boss hogg the lane, got down South soul

[Lil' Keke]
If it's green I got it, if it's purple I got it
Everytime I fire it up, you know it's something exotic
Cause I hog these lanes, enjoy this fame I never change
Put them thangs on all my frames, and swang
I'm in the Benz, coupe crawling with the top peeling
It's Sunday afternoon, I'm feeling like I'm one million
I got that burner on my hip, call him fo' nickel
You get you two slugs, trying to touch the vehicle
Blow out brains and pimp these dames, from gripping grain
Pop that trunk and cross that lane, for real mayn
It goes down, in the city we from
You hear the bang in the trunk, it just a bass and drum
So here I come and I bar none, acting bad
One on one, just me and the son Don
I'm just a monster, and my game is cold
C.M.G. baby, down South is soul

[Hook - 4X]

Yeah we hog the lane, like a 18 wheeler
From city to city, like a cocaine dealer
But I ride for the H, that's my domain nigga
And worked hard to get it, get on your game nigga
Instead of coming round here, with that jacking game
Cause all my niggaz, got a mean packing game
What I mean, shit they pack them thangs
That'll leave a nigga leaking, not speaking and splat your brain
And this year, it's simple and plain
Get money get money mo' money, shit that's all that I'm saying
Fuck the playing, leave that shit for them kids in the sandbox
I'm scratching like a musician, with two of the same glocks
Shit, I'm just living my plans out
And plus I'm a Custom Made Gangsta, so you know we stand out
Now Ke' put your hand out, while we getting this do'
And showing up on boys, on these inches and 4's

[Hook - 4X]

[Lil' Head]
Strictly bidness and making moves, I'm bout all that
If you with it I'm with it, if you ain't then fall back
I'm chasing them tall stacks, trying to get my cake right
Affiliate myself with real, fuck living that fake life
Stay away from fake type, niggaz that hate to see me shine
My reply to that, is can you see me now
To the ones that's talking down, hate to see me live on TV
Shocking and body rocking, Southside with Keke
What's happening, slowly but surely you can't ignore me
Been at the bottom, now it's time to see the glory
Catch me grain gripping, I ain't tripping your dame wishing
She was on my side, while them chromey thangs sticking
I'm fo' sipping, dro twisting
C.M.G. affiliated, for you hoes listening
Lil' Head the general, respect my name
Respect my gangsta, respect my game yeah mayn

[Hook - 4X]